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United University Professionals is the largest higher education union in the nation. Be represented, join your union.

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Forms are available online at:


Please contact the UUP Campus Office at (716) 645-2013

UUP in History

Information on the UUP over the years is availble on our UUP in History page.

UUP Email lists

UUP Buffalo Center Chapter operates two listserv lists  UBUUP-L  and UBUUP-NOTIFICATION-LIST and maintains a website at http://wings.buffalo.edu/uup/ 

UBUUP-L @listserv.buffalo.edu      (any list subscriber can post)

This list is an Buffalo Center open discussion list.  This list is not monitored for content.  If there is a problem with the list please contact the UUP Buffalo Center Communications Officer, Michael Behun.

If you wish to contact only the list owner(s) for a specific request, send your Email to:



The United University Professions Buffalo Center Chapter email list.

This list is intended to send timely information to members of the Buffalo Center chapter of UUP.  Such information will include, for example, notification of benefits changes, deadlines for Labor Management, grant deadlines, chapter meetings, chapter elections, and similar items of general membership interest. This list will not be use for controversial topics, debates, or any form of discussion. Your subscription to this list is automatic.  The list of subscribers is refreshed throughout the year, from UUP master lists.

If you have a question about your subscription to the list, please contact the list owners or UUP Communications Officer.

If you wish to contact only the list owner(s) for a specific request, send your Email to:


If you have an immediate problem, please contact UUP Buffalo Center Office Chris Black, Secretary, 326 Crofts Hall, Amherst, NY  14260, (716)645-2013, FAX – (716)645-3374

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