issue 11: aesthetics and finitude [2007]

editorial: aesthetics and finitude
jonathan murphy

the image: mimesis and methexis
jean-luc nancy

mortals and the "astounding force" of words
krzyzstof ziarek

tales of loss: renegotiating the boundary between mourning and melancholia, where art unfolds abjection
tina chanter

fractured transcendence: finitude, aesthetics, and the dissolution of art
simon malpas

the aesthetic anomaly: criticism, art and politics in recent european philosophy (from adorno to rancière)
Alison Ross

distributing truth: art, finitude, and the human sciences in dilthey
eric sean nelson

narrating the sublime event
matthew wilkens

"offspring": heine and hegel on the end of the age of art
eva geulen

shut your eyes and see...
marc froment meurice

burial plots, inoperative community, and faulkner's as i lay dying
david sherman

review: jean-luc nancy, the ground of the image
jacob bodway