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editorial board for issue 12, revisions of excess: Joseph Aldinger, Andrew Ascherl, Phil Campanile, David Collins, Ryan Crawford, Myrto Drizou, Amanda Duncan, Ian Dunn, Sara Eddleman, Stephen M. Elin, Megan Faragher, Kyle Fetter, Richard A. Garner, Jessie Goodnough, Nathan Gorelick, Ryan Anthony Hatch, Dan Haumschild, Crystal Hickerson, Lydia R. Kerr, Jim Kurt, Josh Lam, Megan MacDonald, Melinda Mejia, Sol Pelaez, Russel Pascatore, Mike Stanish, and Guy Witzel

Nathan Gorelick and Lydia R. Kerr, co-editors in chief

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current theory@buffalo editors may download any of the following files for information on production timelines, and stye guides

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