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Dr. Gretchen Sechrist
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Maryland
Office: 351 Park Hall
Phone: (716) 645-3650 x. 351
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Summary of Research Interests:

My research interests are in the general domains of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination, and their applications in everyday life. I have two main lines of research. The first focuses on stereotype development, change and use, the role of group norms and social influence in prejudice, and the impact of stereotyping and prejudice upon individuals. The second line of research examines issues of prejudice from the targetˇ¦s perspective. Specifically, I have focused on womenˇ¦s perceptions of and willingness to report gender discrimination, as well as determinants and consequences of denying discrimination.

Representative Publications:

  • Sechrist, G. B., & Stangor, C. (2005). Social consensus and the origins of stigma. In K. D. Brownell, R. M. Puhl, M. B. Schwartz, & L. Rudd (Eds.), Weight Bias: Nature, Consequences, and Remedies (pp. 97-108). New York: Guilford Press.
  • Sechrist, G. B., Stangor, C., & Killen, M. (2005). Prejudice as social norms. In Crandall, C.S. & Schaller, M. (Eds.) Social psychology of prejudice: Historical and contemporary issues (pp. 163-183). Seattle, WA: Lewinian Press.
  • Sechrist, G. B., Swim, J. K., & Stangor, C. (2004). When do the stigmatized make attributions to discrimination occurring to the self and others?: The roles of self presentation and need for control. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 87, 111-122.
  • Sechrist, G. B., Swim, J. K., & Mark, M. (2003). Mood as information in making attributions to discrimination. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29, 524-531.
  • Swim, J. K., Scott, E. D., Sechrist, G. B., Campbell, B., & Stangor, C. (2003). The role of intent and harm in judgments of prejudice and discrimination. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 84, 944-959.
  • Vescio, T. K., Sechrist, G. B., & Paolucci, M. P. (2003). Perspective taking and prejudice reduction: The mediational role of empathy arousal and situational attributions. European Journal of Social Psychology, 33, 455-472.
  • Stangor, C., Swim, J. K., Van Allen, K., & Sechrist, G. B. (2002). Reporting discrimination in public and private contexts. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 82, 69-74.
  • Sechrist, G. B., & Stangor, C. (2001). Perceived consensus influences intergroup behavior and stereotype accessibility. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 645-654.
  • Stangor, C., Sechrist, G. B., & Jost, J. T. (2001). Changing racial beliefs by providing consensus information. Personality and Social Psychological Bulletin, 27, 484-494.
  • Stangor, C., & Sechrist, G. B. (1998). Conceptualizing the determinants of academic choice and task performance across social groups. In J. K. Swim and C. Stangor (Eds.), Prejudice: The targetˇ¦s perspective (pp. 105-124). San Diego: Academic Press.

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