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Our Mission

The mission of the Health Care Industries Association is to help ensure the success and retention of the existing health care companies and institutions in our region, and through collaboration, foster the growth of new startup companies, and create an environment and an infrastructure that will attract other health care/life science industries to our region. 


HCIA is located on the State University of New York at Buffalo, South Campus

Administrative Office:
Health Care Industries Association
10 Centre Drive
Orchard Park, New York, 14127
Telephone: 716-662-2551 x707
Facsimile: 716-662-8785

Leadership for the Community

The Health Care Industries Association focuses on all key areas of operation, including:

  • Employee Training Programs
  • Networking
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory Branch
  • Educational Programming
  • New Business Mentoring
  • Technology Transfer

This focus gives our members a powerful voice in the community, and serves as a valuable tool for improving the effectiveness, efficiency and success of their businesses.

Networking Health Care Organizations

Many businesses involved in health care share common goals and face many of the same financial, marketing and regulatory challenges.

The Health Care Industries Association was founded to allow our members to face these common challenges together. We are a non-profit organization comprised of many of this community’s leading health care businesses. The organization is committed to supporting our members in overcoming their common obstacles and achieving their goals.

As a member of Health Care Industries Association, your business will benefit from being part of an organization whose sole purpose is to create an environment in which Western New York’s health care industry can thrive and grow.

Networking Works

The Health Care Industries Association is built on the idea that businesses can help each other grow.

Health Care Industries Association members bring together a wide array of backgrounds covering the health care spectrum – from manufactures suppliers and distributors to universities and hospitals. Whether connecting a service company with end users, or manufacturers with distributors, the Health Care Industries Association provides a valuable forum for inter-business communication, problem solving and results.
Together, our members have created an extensive health care network capable of responding quickly to the needs of each of the businesses the Association serves.
By combining the resources of our community’s health care industry, the Health Care Industries Association makes it possible to offer a range of helpful outlets.

Health Care Industries Association members enjoy many important benefits. The Association is committed to furthering the health care environment in Western New York through such programs as:

  • Monthly Executive Breakfast Series an opportunity to hear and learn from leading experts in the fields of Economic Development, Government and Industry.
  • Monthly Meeting Series provides an opportunity on a monthly basis to tour various health care centers (both commercial and research based) to educate HCIA members on current activity in our health care sector.
  • Development of a detailed Index of Health Care Companies in Western New York, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and end users. The Index is used to promote networking among members, local sourcing, etc.
  • Annual Emerging Medical Technologies Forum provides members an opportunity to present business plans and new technologies with the purpose of creating strategic partnerships with financial institutions, investors, commercial partners and research institutions.
  • Focusing on the development of strategic partnerships between industry and research, the Annual Regional Research Forum is designed to educate the research and industrial community to the vast range and quantity of research conducted in a geographic area spanning Rochester, Buffalo and Southern Ontario.
  • The HCIA Wall Street Analysts Luncheon provides an important update on biomedical trends in relation to investment implications and opportunities.
  • Development of mutually beneficial Industry/University Relationships to insure the Association membership and University community are familiar with one another’s goals and capacities.
  • The Health Care Industries Annual Awards of Excellence Dinner recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the health care industry.
  • Held in conjunction with the Association of Ontario Medical Manufacturers (AOMM), the Annual Cross Border Event capitalizes on the proximity that Western New York enjoys with Ontario by creating opportunities for strategic partnerships between medical companies located in Western New York and Southern Ontario.
  • Publication of a quarterly Newsletter to keep members advised on activities and information within the industry in Western New York and to encourage commerce among members.
  • Development of an organization position on local legislation and the framework to promote the interests of companies and institutions through liaison with regulators and other government bodies.

These and many other services make it easier for our members to more effectively and efficiently manage their businesses. As a result the Health Care Industries Association gives Western New York’s health care businesses an important head start toward future growth and success.

Health Care Business Center (HCBC)

The main focus of the Health Care Business Center is to link health care businesses with health care researchers. The HCIA believes there is significant opportunity for its members to turn local research into commercial products. The organization also believes that companies should capitalize on the wealth of research institutions regionally to facilitate R & D opportunities.

The center facilitates mentoring between emerging companies and mature local businesses. Since most start-up companies begin with engineering experience versus business experience, the creation of a Business Advisory Network comprised of HCIA members is an excellent resource for new businesses to learn about marketing, financial planning, human resources and regulatory issues.

For More Information

To discover all the Health Care Industries Association can offer your business, contact:

Gail Orffeo
Executive Director
(716) 662-2551 x707