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1-4 credits by prior arrangement; fall or spring semester. Prerequisites-ANA-500 and permission of instructor. Dr. Mendel. Number of students: unlimited.
This course will enable students, according to their particular needs, to perform a dissection of one particular region to a complete dissection of the human body, using either standard or special techniques of dissection and preparation.
Faculty will be available initially to plan the dissection schedule and procedures, and will thereafter be available for consultation as needed. Some students may only wish an opportunity to personally dissect certain regions not assigned to them during the introductory course.
Others may need more detailed study as a preparation for a contemplated career involving either a particular clinical specialty or teaching of gross human anatomy. Scheduled dissecting time, staff supervision, and course credit will be assigned accordingly.
At the conclusion of this course, students will hopefully have acquired skills and experience in the techniques of dissection and preparation.



4 credits. Modules C-F, H-K. Prerequisite-Senior medical student. Drs. Cohan, Cotter, and Hard. Number of students: unlimited.

This course is designed for senior students who have a final opportunity before completing medical school to assist in the teaching of Gross Anatomy, Histology, or Neuroscience. It will provide an excellent opportunity to understand and teach the basic science concepts on which much of clinical medicine depends.
The student will serve as a teacher in the laboratory in whichever course is selected. Because of the nature of the laboratory, the student must spend a minimum of one month in the course. This will provide for continuity in the program and will also permit the student to have had a long enough period to become acclimated to the department and course. An arrangement may be made with the coordinator of the course so that the student can be registered during the time when a specific body area, tissue, or system is to be studied by the first-year class and which the student would prefer to review and teach.
At the completion of this course the student will have had an opportunity to act as a teacher, having tied together basic anatomical concepts so that clinical concerns may be more easily understood. Also the student should come to appreciate some of the pleasures and problems of teaching.
Before registering students should speak to the coordinator for the course (Gross - Dr. Hard), (Histology - Dr. Cotter), or (Neurosciences - Dr. Cohan) they are interested in teaching.