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Welcome to the Gross Anatomy Laboratory at the State University of New York at Buffalo

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The lab is located on third floor of the Biomedical Education Building on the South Campus of the University.  It is comprised of a main lab divided into four smaller areas and contains a separate area for small group study, instruction and special programs.  A total of 32 dissection tables are housed in the lab, 8 tables per quad.  A storage facility which houses all the anatomical materials used in the lab is located within the lab as well.

Adjacent to the lab is a 40 seat  lecture space equipped with video cameras and monitors which allow real time presentation of anatomical demonstrations to large groups.

    The lab proper is equipped with two computer terminals which contain instructional software and which are connected to the Internet. From these terminals students access  gross anatomy sites from other institution while in the lab setting.  An additional 70 workstations which contain instructional software are available in the schools computer lab. 

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    We hope you find the information on these pages and associated links will help you during your time in our lab. 

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