On Campus

American Red Cross Blood Drives

There is a great need for blood every day of the year by patients throughout the country. Through blood drives, individuals can ensure that this essential life-support is on-hand for the patients who have survived an accident or illness. Through the sponsorship of an on-campus Red Cross Blood Drive, members of CAC can take an active role in the advertisement, set-up, and facilitation of a blood drive for the participation of students and faculty of UB.


Off Campus


Housing and Homelessness

These events allow students to become active in downtown Buffalo by extending a hand toward volunteer or support-based housing organizations. Homes that Community Action Corps have worked with in the past include: Compass House, Kevin Guesthouse, Little Portion Friary, Benedict House, Altamont Program, and Ronald McDonald House. One way that students can learn about these organizations and actively donate their time toward the community is by cooking dinner for the residents who are living at the home. This also provides the members of CAC with an opportunity to talk to those living there, to better understand the economic, social, or medical situations of the residents.

Compass House

Compass House is a safe-house for runaway and homeless adolescents. This organization relies greatly on volunteers and interns to support their mission: the creation of a safe and supportive environment where runaway youth can voluntarily come to seek food and shelter in hard times. The environment of Compass House is designed so that homeless youth can make constructive decisions about their lives. There are many volunteer opportunities here for students who are interested.

For more information on any volunteer or internship opportunities, contact Michelle Moore at 716-886-1351 or michellemoore@roadrunner.com.

Kevin Guesthouse

Kevin Guesthouse is a "hospital hospitality house" that supports the patients and families of those undergoing long-term hospitalization or out-patient treatment in the Western New York community and area hospitals. The home offers a more affordable alternative for individuals who cannot afford to live in a hotel for the weeks or months that he or she might be receiving medical care at a local hospital. This is especially important for patients and their families who are not from Buffalo and travel many miles to seek the medical services of Roswell Park or surrounding hospitals.

Little Portion Friary

Little Portion Friary is a homeless shelter and volunteer-based ministry committed to providing food and shelter to 26 homeless individuals (18 men and 8 women). Individuals at the shelter are referred there by police, mental health agencies, substance abuse treatment/rehabilitation centers, and hospitals and could use a source of positive encouragement that comes with energetic university students. Little Portion Friary is a non-profit organization run entirely by unpaid staff and receives no aid from the government. The shelter operates entirely on donations, not only of time, but also of money, household necessities, and clothing.

Benedict House

Benedict House is non-profit, supportive housing program for persons eighteen years of age or older, living with AIDS. The organization provides non-discriminatory residential shelter and supportive services for HIV/AIDS individuals in an environment that encourages pride and self-respect in the face of a debilitating and life-changing disease. CAC has taken an active role in this community by taking the residents out to their choice of restaurant. In the past, this event has been equally beneficial to both residents of Benedict House and students from CAC by generating conservations that teach you something about life than cannot be learned in a classroom.

Altamont Program/Transitional Housing Program

The Altamont Program provides emergency and transitional housing for 34 men. The agency provides a complete program with case management, referral to treatment, and assistance with finding permanent housing.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit, global organization with local roots in downtown Buffalo. It provides housing for children and their families who are undergoing medical treatment in Buffalo and are in need of a safe, friendly, and family-oriented place to stay. For nearly 35 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has been creating, finding and supporting programs that directly improve the health and well being of nearly 3.7 million children worldwide every year, and much of this work relies on donations and help from volunteers.


Rebuilding Projects

Rebuilding projects provide another means of improving the housing situations for low-income families in Buffalo. Through our participation in these events, we are able to aid in the construction of homes for individuals who may not have otherwise been able to fix their house. Other ways that Community Action Corps becomes involved is by making homes more energy efficient.

WNY Apollo Home Energy Conservation Kit (H.E.C.K.)

This project was facilitated by WNY Apollo Home Energy Program and was aimed at restructuring and insulating homes to make them more energy efficient. The benefits of this event were two-fold, the environmental advantages as well as a notable reduction in home energy expenses that come from saving heat and electric. As participants of this initiative, members of CAC attended one 2-hour training session and, the following week, traveled to homes in Buffalo. At each home, we provided conservation tips and contact information about free and subsidized programs to weatherize their homes, repair or replace appliances, and cut their energy bills. In addition, we were able help the homeowners by implementing some simple energy conservation measures, such as weather stripping, caulking, and hot water pipe and heater insulation, using a Home Energy Conservation Kit.

Links -Partnership for the Public Good -W.N.Y. Area Labor Federation

Habitat for Humanity

This event involves the construction of rehab sites in the city of Buffalo, in partnership with lower income families. Volunteer groups are assigned interior or exterior tasks depending on the stage of the building process, weather, and other factors, and tasks can range from gutting and general carpentry tasks, to drywall installation, drywall finishing, painting, and trim work. Vinyl siding and other exterior tasks occur as well. To volunteer, contact the Volunteer Coordinator Virginia Leigh at (716) 832-2534 or bvleigh@aol.com