Current projects:

Dating Greenland Ice Sheet margin change
We use proglacial-threshold lake basins along the west-central Greenland Ice Sheet margin to date the coming and going of the ice margin throughout the Holocene.

Reconstructing Holocene Climate and Glacier Activity on Baffin Island, Arctic Canada
We have been reconstructing climate change from lacustrine archives on Baffin Island for more than a decade. We are currently using varves and biomarker proxies to investigate Neoglaciation.

Reconstructing Holocene Glacier Activity in the Brooks Range, Alaska

We are investigating the potential of proglacial lake sediments as archives for upvalley alpine glacier change during the Holocene.


In the lake sediment lab, we analyze biological, chemical and physical properties of lake sediment to study arctic paleoclimate.

Laminations revealed in an extruded sediment core from a proglacial lake on Greenland.


Graduate students coring from the ice during a spring trip to Baffin Island, Arctic Canada.


Graduate students Elizabeth Thomas and Jay Szymanski cut open a lake sediment core collected from Baffin Island, Canada