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Residence Halls & Apartments

Like they say, it's always better the second time around.
And, recycling in the residence halls and apartments is being made easier and more accessible each year. Residents and staff living or working in the residence halls and apartments at UB are expected to fully comply with the Residence Life Recycling and Energy Conservation Policy.

So, what CAN be recycled?

You can recycle all paper, all glass, all plastic, metals, cardboard and batteries. Glass, plastic, and metals are referred to as "Co-mingles". They need NOT be separated, mix together.

Always remember to:
- Wipe out and rinse all food containers (glass jars, plastic containers and aluminum cans)
- Empty out any liquids in sink before recycling co-mingles
- Keep paper and co-mingles separate to avoid food contamination.
- Flatten down cardboard boxes/packaging and stack up or fit inside each other.

What CANNOT be recycled?

- milk cartons
- paper cups (Coca-cola cups from campus food areas)
- wax paper
- dirty tin foil (quickly rinse off tin foil and recycle it)
- tissues
- candy wrappers
- plastic bags (you can recycle these at your local grocery store or bring them to the co-op on Lexington Ave. to be reused)
- pizza boxes

Recycling bin locations.

It's easy and convenient to recycle in the halls. Recycling Centers (and bins) are located in every building. Centers can be found in lounges and hallways which vary from building to building.

Making the program work...

As all state institutions are, the University is mandated by the state to recycle at least 50% of its waste. For a full explanation of this mandate take a look at the 1988 New York State Solid Waste Management Act. To reach this goal, all residents must participate in the Recycling Program. Everyone must do their part for the program's success.

As part of the University's commitment to environmental stewardship, every single room in our residence halls now has a Code of Conservation sticker on the back of the door to encourage all residents, faculty, and staff to demonstrate environmental awareness in daily routines. The Code has guidelines for recycling, energy conservation, and water conservation. Quick conservation tip stickers are now in all residence hall bathrooms.

Contact Us.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions about the program or your floor needs more recycling bins, feel free to call the URH&A Recycling Coordinator a 645-2173 ext. 231.


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