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How to Make Your Office Green

- Buy Envirographic 100 copy paper, it's 100% recycled and process chlorine-free!
- Copy double sided whenever possible.
- Use fax post it notes instead of cover sheets.
- Designate a bin or box of scrap paper and use for all drafts of unofficial documents.
- Send memos electronically by e-mail whenever possible.
- Reuse envelopes by placing a new label over the old address.
- Recycle printer cartridges and overhead transparencies.
- Choose reusable mugs over disposable cups.
- When not in use...Save the juice!
- Turn off lights when not needed, use daylight to light your office whenever possible.
- Enable power saving features on your computer monitor if you are not typing.
-Car pool, take the bus or ride your bike to work.


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