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Reusable Mugs

At the University of Buffalo, 1,155,550 paper and Styrofoam cups were bought, used, and sent to the landfill, in 1998! Since then, we have encouraged the use of reusable mugs on campus and at any UB food service area as a solution to this staggering waste.

In 2007, Campus Dining & Shops began offering reusable travel mugs for a low cost at their food service area as a way to reduce waste. Since then, more than 14,000 students and faculty have purchased a mug, drastically reducing the number of papre and Styrofoam cups sent to the landfill! Over 90,000 refills have been purchased using the new mugs.

As if the environmental rewards wasn't incentive enough, each travel mug comes with a coupon to get your first beverage free and each time you use your mug you save 10%!

Check out some other ways Campus Dining & Shops is helping to make UB more environmentally responsible at The Green Scene.


Still, Why Use a Reusable Mug?Mug

Lets reiterate..

Pay Less!

At all campus food service area, mug users will receive a 10% discount!

Reduce Waste!

Having over one million disposable cups in our waste stream means more trash is going to the landfill. By using a reusable mug, you can help cut down on unnecessary solid waste generation.

Reduce Pollution!

Just because something is thrown in the trash does not mean it is gone forever. Disposable cups - whether made of paper coated with a wax finish, or made of polystyrene - do not biodegrade well. Also, if incinerated they will produce a toxic ash and pollute our air.

Let's Be Real...

Disposable products consume trees, energy, water, and chemicals. We use already use enough of these resources, don't you think? Be a model for environmentally friendly habits.

To get an idea of how many cups are being used on campus, a group of undergraduate students conducted a mini-dumpster dive at Capen Hall, during the 1998 spring semester. In a day's worth of trash at one building, they found 600 paper cups and 252 polystyrene cups!

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