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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer below to see if your question is answered. The topic of your inquiry may also be covered on our Recycling Home Page.

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How do I request a recycling bin for my residence hall?

How do I request a recycling bin for my office?

  • Contact Facilities Customer Service at 645-2028, or go online and fill out this work order.

My recycling is not getting picked up often enough. What should I do?

  • If this problem is occurring in the residence halls or apartments, contact them at 645-2171. If this problem is occurring in an office or academic building, contact facilities customer service at 645-2028.

I'm not sure that material in my building is being recycled properly. What should I do?

  • Please contact the UB Green office at 829-3535 to report any recycling problems, and our staff will work with custodial management to investigate issues and resolve problems.

I have something that I want to recycle but I don't see it listed on your site. How do I find out how to dispose of it?

  • Please contact the UB Green office at 829-3535 for more information.

If I live off campus am, I able to recycle the same things that students in the residence halls and apartments can?

  • It is very likely that the surrounding city and towns will have their own regulations on what can and cannot be recycled. Usually this information can be found on the internet, or by contacting the municipality directly. Here are a few examples to help you out:
  • Town of Amherst
  • City of Buffalo

How can I get more involved with campus recycling/sustainability initiatives?

  • There are plenty of opportunities to get involved around campus! If you live in the residence halls or apartments you can get involved in the recycling program which is operated entirely by students. For more information on this program feel free to call the housing recycling contact Garry Soehner, Associate Director for Ecology at 645-5620.
  • How about joining a club on campus?  Through the Student Association UB currently offers a wide range of clubs and organizations that any matriculated student can join. Many of them even have a focus on environmental sustainability! Check out this complete list of clubs to see if you might be interested in joining one!
  • If you have a little free time UB Green is often looking for volunteers. Contact us at 829-3535 for more information.





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