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Academic Buildings

Paper Recycling

All building occupants in UB academic buildings should have a blue recycling container and a black "trash buddy" which clips to the recycling bin. The recycling container is for waste office paper which is clean and uncontaminated by food waste, tissues, trash, etc.

The recycling bin and trash buddy should be emptied on a regular basis by UB or contract cleaning staff who are obliged to keep these waste streams separate. Cleaners are required to place paper collected for recycling in recycling bins on building loading docks. Trash goes into a dumpster. If you see cleaners mixing waste streams, please contact Bill Bagley (645-5958) or the UB Green Office (829-3535). Also call us if you need an under-the-desk recycling bin and/or trash buddy.

Paper can also be recycled in academic buildings at all public area recycling stations.

Cleaning Your Office

If you need a larger recycling bin for a major office cleaning, please call Bill Bagley at 645-5958. Let us temporarily provide you with a larger bin. Do not remove a bin from a public area recycling station or building loading dock.

Recycling Books

To recycle soft cover books, including phonebooks, simply place in any paper recycling bin. For hard cover books, please remove cover and place it in a trash receptacle. The interior paper pages may be recycled in any bin.

Recycling Books

Confidential documents can be recycled while maintaining confidentiality. For more info call Bill Bagley at 645-5958. If you shred office paper, please note that shredded paper is recyclable + should be placed in recycling bins


To recycle cardboard in academic buildings, please flatten it and place by a recycling station in the hallway or at the loading dock of your building.

Beverage Containers

Beverage containers can now be recycled at UB at public area recycling stations. Over one hundred stations have been established at various locations on both campuses. Please do not remove bins from these locations.

If you wish to recommend a location for an additional public area recycling station or if you see a public area recycling station which is either missing bins or in need of emptying, cleaning, or repair, please call the UB Green Office, 829-3535.

Computer Equipment

To recycle computers, monitors, and printers please call Procurement Services at 645-2676. The equipment will be picked up by Facilities Moving and Trucking. In the first year of this program UB diverted approximately 2 tons of equipment from the landfill! For more information on this program call the UB Green Office at 829-3535.

CD Recycling

CDs and 3" floppy diskettes can now be recycled! Click here for a complete list of station locations. For more information on this program call the UB Green Office at 829-3535.


If you need a recycling bin or special recycling service, or have a complaint or suggestion, call the UB Green Office at 829-3535.

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