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Why Single Stream?

Download the All In One Guidelines Posters

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All In One Recycling

Recycling at UB is now All In One! This means you no longer have to sort recyclable materials by type; simply place all recycling in any recycling bin on campus. It's that easy!


How will these improvements affect me?

As a result of our new collection system, recycling will be easier than ever. We will continue to recycle all of the items previously collected, and have also expanded the list of items which can be recycled. The only change you'll notice is that you will no longer have to sort recyclable items by type.

Please remember, it is still critical that you make absolutely sure garbage is kept out of recycling bins. Follow our recycling guidelines to ensure you are recycling only the items listed as acceptable. Keeping garbage and other non-recyclable items out of recycling bins ensures the recyclable materials are kept out of the landfill!

All accepted recyclables can now be deposited into your blue desk-side bin or any container on campus designated for recyclables.

Changes You'll See

Custodial staff will replace the lids on our recycling equipment in public areas, kitchenettes, etc. Eventually, all lids labeled for "paper only" or "containers/bottles and cans only" will be replaced with our new All in One lid. This change is occuring to ensure all members of the campus and our visitors can easily participate in our program.

Instead of having a Green Lid for Bottles & Cans and a Blue Lid for Paper, all recycling bins will have Blue All in One lids.
Single Stream Lid
Here's a picture of our new All in One lids.

The lid is a fusion of the Bottles & Cans lid and the Paper Lid in order to easily accomodate both materials.

Of course if you have recyclable material that doesn't fit into the opening, you should remove the lid, deposit the item, and replace the lid when finished.

Our new lids will be labeled with an All in One recycling sticker to ensure they are used properly.


Here's a closer look of the label.Label

The sticker displays a scannable QR code, which links people with Smart Phones directly to this website for recycling instructions.

The sticker also displays the customer service number through which individuals may report damaged bins, overflowing recepticles, or other recycling issues that need attention. This number may also be used to suggest placement of additional recycling bins across campus.

We hope these improvements to our recycling program will help us prevent more materials from entering the landfill. Recycling and waste minimization are activites that every member of our campus community can directly participate in on a daily basis. Our behaviors and actions are reflected in the amount of material we recycle and the waste we produce.

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