MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship

Volume 4#2
Fall 1996
ISSN 1069-6792


Using the
World Wide Seb Medium for Library ExhibitsUSING THE WORLD WIDE WEB MEDIUM FOR LIBRARY EXHIBITS by Eric Schnell
Through the development of new technologies utilizing the World Wide Web media librarians are now positioned to offer information services based on multimedia resources. With new tools becoming available seemingly every day, library media specialists have begun to investigate applications for media-based information. This paper describes the potential of the Web as a meduim for creating media information resources in the form of online exhibits. It will discuss the advantages of using the Web medium for exhibit production, provide a summary of a Web exhibit pilot project, highlight production techniques, and considers the issues facing libraries developing such resources.

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Resources: WWW Update for Media ManagersInternet Resources: WWW Update for Media Managers by Michael Albright
Mike updates his last column and continues to bring us the best of the web for media professionals.

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Lights! Cameras! Log On!: The UC Berkeley Media Resources Center Web Site by Gary Handman
Gary Handman, Director of the Media Resources Center, Moffitt Library, UC Berkeley describes their cutting edge web site.

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