MC Journal:The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship 

Volume 2#1
Winter 1994
ISSN 1069-6792

 Libraries and the ADA: Providing Accessible Media to Deafand Hard-of-Hearing People by Gail Kovalik and FrankKruppenbacherLIBRARIES AND THE ADA: PROVIDING ACCESSIBLE MEDIA TO DEAF AND HARD-OF-HEARING 
       PEOPLE by Gail Kovalik and Frank Kruppenbacher
       This article discusses the Captioned Films/Videos for the Deaf (CF/VD) Program. Other providers of captioned 
       films and videos, pre-recording and real-time captioning of television programs, and assistive devices such as the 
       closed-captioning decoder, are presented. Included are strategies that public, school, and media librarians who 
       work with deaf people can use to facilitate access to captioned materials.

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 Media Illustrating Media: A Mediagraphy by Pamela RoseMEDIA ILLUSTRATING MEDIA: A MEDIAGRAPHY 
       by Pamela Rose
       There are few non-print programs describing the educational uses of media technology produced in comparison to
       the number of educational media productions made. This mediagraphy was compiled for the educator who wishes 
       to become more knowledgeable about incorporating media into their teaching style.

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       by Michael J. Albright
       This is the debut of a new column on Internet resources for media professionals by Mike Albright, Director of the 
       Educational Media Center, University of South Dakota. This issue's column will acquaint you with "gopher".

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Multimedia Power for your Overhead Projector by TerrenceMcCormackMULTIMEDIA POWER FOR YOUR OVERHEAD PROJECTOR 
       by Terrence McCormack
       A new column on media technology and equipment by Terry McCormack, Head of the M. Robert Koren Center 
       for Clinical & Legal Education, Charles B. Sears Law Library, State University of New York at Buffalo. Terry
       explains color LCD panels in this issue.


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