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There have been many changes since you were a graduate student in the Department of Psychology. The most visible change has been the department's move, in 1986, from 4230 Ridge Lea Road to Park Hall on the North Campus of the University at Buffalo . Several faculty and staff from whom you took courses and with whom you worked have retired in the past few years: Gail Bruder, Barbara Bunker, Roger Burton, Paul Faleski, Roy Ford, Lee Gordon, Tony Graziano, Ed Hovorka, Jim Julian, Ken Kurtz, Murray Levine, Joe Masling, Dean Pruitt, Erwin Segal, Sid Shrauger, Norm Solkoff, and C. Jim Smith. Of course, many of you will remember other professors from earlier decades: Irv Biederman, Dick Bugelski, Ira Cohen, Walter Cohen, Marvin Feldman, Ed Hollander, Ed Katkin, Jim Marcia, Neil Murray, Bob Rice, Egan Ringwall, Barry Rubin, Ed Vinacke, and Rose Weinstein. Fortunately, the department has continued to recruit many exceptionally strong research and teaching faculty, especially in the past few years. Please look elsewhere on the department's web site for up-to-date descriptions of our faculty and programs.

We frequently receive inquiries from our graduates wanting to know if they can make contributions to support the department's activities and especially to support graduate students and research. The answer is yes! Contributions may be made to several funds already established:

  • The Dr. B. R. Bugelski Fellowship Fund for the benefit of graduate students in the Department of Psychology.

  • The Eleanor Jacobs Scholarship Fund for the benefit of undergraduate and graduate women students in the Department of Psychology.

  • The Marvin Feldman and Walter Cohen Award in Psychology, a prize to a graduating senior for distinguished honors achievement.

  • The Robert W. Rice Memorial Award for Early Excellence in Research for an empirical research paper completed by a graduate student.

Alternatively, contributions may be made to the Department of Psychology in general in recognition of a particular faculty member, mentor, staff member, instructor, student, or colleague. General contributions may be made to the "Psychology Department Resource Fund," which is managed by the UB Foundation, and mailed to the Department of Psychology, Park Hall, University at Buffalo -The State University of New York, Buffalo , New York 14260-4110.

Many of the faculty and staff, as well as your fellow graduates, would be delighted to have news of your professional and personal life. You are welcome to send news to be posted on this Graduate Alumni News webpage. Send an e-mail to Jack Meacham at This might be an easy way for you to re-establish contact with graduate school friends. In the past, the format for entries on this page has included only name, title, affiliation, and date of most recent information. However, we welcome additional information, such as the date of your degree, the name of your dissertation advisor, important achievements, perhaps some brief personal information, and your e-mail address, if you would like to be contacted..

This web page is not intended as an exhaustive list of the department's graduates. The UB Alumni Association ( maintains a list of all graduates and addresses, and Glo Aniebo-Williams, Assistant to the Chair ( ) in the Department of Psychology, also accepts updated addresses.

Recent Graduates (2000 to present)
  • Andrea Chronis (W. Pelham), assistant professor of psychology, University of Maryland; director, Maryland ADHD program; adjunct assistant professor of pediatrics, George Washington University School of Medicine. December 2005.

  • Tracy DeHart, assistant professor, Loyola University of Chicago. August 2005.

  • David Direnfeld (2003, Roberts), private practice, Centre for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Toronto; part-time, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

  • Jean Doerr, visiting assistant professor, Allegheny College . August 2005.

  • Juan Dominguez, faculty associate, Florida State University . August 2005.

  • Greg Fabiano (2005, W. Pelham), assistant professor, Department of Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology, University at Buffalo . August 2005.

  • Stephanie Gamble (2005, Roberts), National Research Service Award (NRSA) postdoctoral fellow, University of Rochester Medical Center; August 2005. 

  • Jessica Hamblen (2000, Beck), deputy for education, National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; assistant professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dartmouth College; developed cognitive-behavioral therapy for postdisaster distress, which was used in New York City after 9/11 and in Florida after the 2004 hurrianes; two children; October 2005.

  • Todd Kashdan, assistant professor, George Mason University . August 2005.

  • Andy Lopez-Wiliams (2004, W. Pelham), assistant professor of clinical child psychology, West Virginia University . August 2005.

  • Conor T. McLennan (2003, Luce), postdoctoral research scientist, University at Buffalo. September 2005.

  • John Minda, assistant professor, University of Western Ontario . August 2005.

  • Hollie Raynor (2003, Epstein), assistant professor, Brown Medical School/The Miriam Hospital. August 2005.

  • Juliana Read (2005, Hawk), group private practice, The Nashua Center, Nashua, New Hampshire; member, Disaster Behavioral Response Team for New Hampshire. August 2005.

  • Paul Rose, assistant professor, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, August 2005.

  • Andrew Yartz (Hawk, 2003), NIMH postdoctoral research associate, Anxiety and Health Research Laboratory, University of Vermont ;; August, 2005.

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1990's Graduates

  • Olga Acosta Price (1997, Levine), director, School Mental Health Program, District of Columbia Department of Mental Health; named Employee of the Year in 2003; August 2005.

  • Ed Auer, Department of Communication Neuroscience, House Ear Institute, Los Angeles . October 2001.

  • Tom Capo, lecturing in psychology at the University of Maryland . October 2001.

  • Jeff Ciesla, assistant professor, Vanderbilt University . August 2005.

  • Jean DiPirro, assistant professor of Psychology, Buffalo State College. October 2001.

  • David Direnfeld, clinical internship, University of British Columbia . September 2001.

  • Nancy Cooney Emont (1994, Meacham) has worked as a neuropsychologist at Bancroft Rehabilitation Services in New Jersey . October 2000.

  • Jennifer Freeman, post-doc research position, Brown University School of Medicine. December 2000.

  • Dan Gaygen, assistant professor, Department of Psychology, Ithaca College , Ithaca , NY . October 2001.

  • Jessica Hamblen, Dartmouth Medical School . December 2000.

  • Peter Isquith (1991, Levine), pediatric neuropsychologist, assistant professor in psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School ; Co-author of "The behavior rating inventory of executive function;" married Lindy Jones (1992, Masling), 2 daughters; August 2005.

  • John Jones, assistant professor, West Point Military Academy . August 2005.

  • Arnold Kozak (1996, Meacham), founder of Exquisite Mind (; instructor, University of Vermont , Department of Psychology; August 2005.

  • Deborah Tebes Kraemer, Department of Psychology, Southern Connecticut State College . October 2001.

  • Linda Kunce, associate professor, Illinois Wesleyan University . 2002.

  • Bill Lapp, senior scientist, Ischemia Research and Education Foundation, San Francisco . November 2000.

  • Corinne Lindquist (1995, Meacham), University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Piscataway . October 2000.

  • Daniel Lorrain, pharmacologist, Merck Research Labs, San Diego , CA. January 2001.

  • J. Paul Minda, postdoctoral fellow, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois , Champaign-Urbana. October 2001.

  • Jason Moses, assistant professor, Anne Arundel Community College , Annapolis , MD. January 2001.

  • Rochelle Newman, assistant professor, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park. October 2001.

  • Holly Orcutt completed a post-doctoral term at the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome in Boston and is now assistant professor of clinical psychology at Northern Illinois University . October 2000.

  • John C. Parker (Pruitt), assistant professor, Department of Psychology, Northeastern Illinois University. September 2005.

  • Elizabeth Pehek, assistant professor, Case Western Reserve University , Departments of Psychiatry and Neurosciences, and a research scientist at the Cleveland VA Medical Center. January 2003.

  • Susan Putnam is a faculty member at Canisius College , Buffalo . July 2001.

  • Kevin Richardson (1991), senior scientist, Modern Technologies Corporation, San Antonio , Texas . 1993.

  • Toby Sachsenmaier (1993, Levine), senior clinical psychologist, health service executive--Southern Area, Ireland. Living in Counties Cork and Clare, Ireland. October 2005.

  • Michelle Shady Shanahan, assistant professor, Department of Psychology at SUNY College at Geneseo. October 2001.

  • Anne Shapiro, post-doctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins University . September 2001.

  • Wendy Shields (1999, D. Smith), associate professor, Department of Psychology, University of Montana, Missoula, May 2006.

  • Jillian Shipherd, assistant professor, Boston University School of Medicine. August 2005.

  • Sherry Thomas (1999, Raulin), clinical assistant professor and director, Psychological Services Center, University at Buffalo. September 2005.

  • Glenn Trezza (Hastrup, 1992), Veterans Administration Medical Center , Boston , MA . October 2001.

  • Barbara Zebb, assistant professor, Texas Tech (Lubbock). December 2000.

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1980's Graduates

  • Patricia Abbott, associate professor, D'Youville College, Buffalo . October 2001.

  • John S. Auerbach (1988, Raulin), coordinator, Post-Traumatic Stress Program, James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Mountain Home, Tennessee; professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, James H. Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee; affiliate in research, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; coeditor, "Relatedness, self-definition, and mental representation: Essays in honor of Sidney J. Blatt;" married;; August 2005.

  • Terry Bazzett, assistant professor, SUNY College at Geneseo. January 2001.

  • James K. Beggan (Pruitt), Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Louisville. September 2005.

  • Jim Beggan, assistant professor, University of Louisville . 1992.

  • Barbara Berkowitz, private practice, Connecticut . October 2001.

  • Daniel Bitran, associate professor, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester , MA . January 2001.

  • Bob Bornstein (Masling), professor, Gettysburg College; recipient in 2005 of Division 12, Clinical Psychology, Millon Award for contributions to personality theory, development and research. August 2005.

  • Eric Braen (1982), clinical psychologist, San Bernardino County Department of Mental Health, California . 1992.

  • Susan Brown-Jones, staff member, community mental health clinic, England . October 2001.

  • Peter J. Carnevale (1982, Pruitt). professor of psychology, New York University; Recipient of Jeffrey Z. Rubin Theory to Practice Award given by the International Association of Conflict Management. September 2005.

  • Andrea Chronis, assistant professor, Department of Psychology, University of Maryland . 2002.

  • Mike Cluff, research scientist, AT&T. October 2001.

  • Catherine Cozzarelli, associate professor, Kansas State University , Manhattan , KS . December 2001.

  • Sally Czaja (Pruitt), instructor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. September 2005.

  • Helena Syna DeSivilya (1985, Pruitt), faculty member, Sociology and Anthropology, Emek Yezreel College (Israel). September 2005.

  • David Diament, staff member, mental health clinic, New Jersey . October 2001.

  • Jianfang Du, National Board of Medical Examiners. January 2001.

  • Paul Duberstein (Masling), professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical School; recipient in 2005 of Division 12, Clinical Psychology, Millon Award for contributions to personality theory, development and research. August 2005.

  • Kathleen Garcia, private practice, Buffalo . October 2001.

  • Mara Goodman, assistant professor, Department of Education, SUNY College at Fredonia. October 2001.

  • Susan Gournic LaBine (1991) teaches at Edinboro University , directory of M.A. program in clinical psychology. September 2000.

  • Jill Hamilton, private practice, Buffalo . October 2001.

  • Steve Harvith (1986), private practice, Washington , DC . 1993.

  • Sam Juni, professor of applied psychology, New York University , February 2001.

  • Rob Kelly (1984), assistant clinical professor of psychology, University of California at Los Angeles , co-author of "Beyond the playground wall: Sexual abuse in preschools" (1992). 1992.

  • Robert Kelsey, associate professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Tennessee Medical Center in Memphis . October 2001.

  • Gary Klatsky (1983), manager of system support and anlysis for General Electric, Syracuse . 1992.

  • Daniel Klein (1983), professor, SUNY at Stony Brook. 1988.

  • Wynne Korr, University at Pittsburgh . May 2001.

  • Sharon Kraus, private practice, Center for Family Change, Chicago. 1988.

  • Charles Langan (1982), adminstrator, Huntington State Hospital, West Virginia. 1988.

  • Mary Languirand, private practice, Gettysburg , Pennsylvania . December 2000.

  • Ross Levin, associate professor, Department of Psychology, Yeshiva University . December 2000.

  • Lucille Lumley, postdoctoral fellow in psychiatry, Walter Reed Army Hospital . January 2001.

  • John Magenau (1980), director, School of Business, Pennsylvania State University , Erie , PA. September 2000.

  • Larry Malcus, Veterans Administration Palo Alto ( California ) Health Care System. May 2001.

  • Denise Mandel Emer, assistant professor, Department of Psychology, Daeman College , Buffalo . October 2001.

  • Vincent Markowski, assistant professor of pharmacology, University of Southern Maine , Portland , ME. January 2001.

  • Leslie Matuszewich, postdoctoral fellow in psychiatry, Case Western University College of Medicine. January 2001.

  • Neil B. McGillicuddy (Pruitt), Research Institute on Alcoholism, Buffalo. September 2005.

  • Joe Mills, private practice, Seattle . 2002.

  • Ann Newman (1980), director of neuropsychology and behavioral medicine, Western State Hospital, Virginia. 1988.

  • Richard O'Neill (1983, Masling), associate professor, Department of Psychiatry, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse University. December 2000.

  • Tim Osberg, professor, Niagara University . January 2003.

  • Pamela Percival (Masling), private practice, Syracuse , NY . December 2000.

  • Jonathon Perry, staff psychologist, Counseling Center, University of Arkansas . December 2000.

  • Lawrence Peters, psychiatrist in private practice, Connecticut . October 2001.

  • Wendy Plante is a faculty member at Brown University . June 2001.

  • Sheila Reed is a faculty member in psychology at the University of North Texas in Denton , TX . October 2001.

  • Jon Riolo, pharmacologist at GenCyte, Inc. in Buffalo . January 2001.

  • Carol Roll, private practice, Seattle . 2002.

  • Jeffrey Singer (1982, Meacham), senior application support specialist, Eclipsys Corp., Laytonsville, Maryland; design and support clinical information systems for large hospitals; mentor, subject matter expert in document imaging; married, two children, four cats; August 2005.

  • Carol Siegel has a clinical fellowship at New York Hospital/Weill Medical College/Cornell University/Westchester Division. October 2001.

  • Mary Solanto, associate professor of psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. January 2001.

  • Karen Steinberg received a Career Development Award from the National Institute for Child Health and Development for research on prevention of child maltreatment. September 2000.

  • Nancy Talbot, associate professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical School. December 2000.

  • June Price Tangney, BA at UB, PhD at UCLA, is Professor of Psychology at George Mason University , Virginia . December 2000.

  • Jack Tebes (1984), associate professor, Yale University . 1992.

  • Maria Testa (1989), senior research scientist, Research Institute on Addications, Buffalo. September 2005.

  • Alexis Thompson is a research scientist, Research Institute on Addictions, Buffalo . October 2001.

  • Louisa Turner (1986), assistant professor, Department of Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. 1988.

  • Andrea Valerio, private practice, Virginia Beach , Virginia . January 2001.

  • Michael Van Slyck (Pruitt), associate professor, Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University. September 2005.

  • Mike Vitevitch, assistant professor, Department of Psychology, Kansas University , Lawrence , KS . October 2001.

  • Gary Welton (Pruitt), professor of psychology, director of institutional research, Grove City College. September 2005.

  • Celeste Wilderom (1987), professor of organizations, Katholieke Universiteit Brabant, Tilburg , Netherlands . 1993.

  • Beth ( Elizabeth ) Williams (1984), coordinator of the Adolescent Eating Disorders Program, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital , Maryland . 1992.

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1970's Graduates

  • Susan Alessi, private practice, Western New York. 1988.

  • Malise Arnstein, private practice, Canberra, Australia. 1988.

  • William Ayer, professor of behavioral sciences, Northwestern University Dental School; professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, Northwestern University Medical School. 1988.

  • Alan Beck, private practice, Waban, Massachusetts; faculty member, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. 1988.

  • Lisa Richer Bender (1979, Bunker), vice president for human resources, Mitre Corporation, Boston. December 2000.

  • Barbara Berkowitz, private practice, Santa Ana, California. 1988.

  • Marvin Berkowitz (1972), professor, Marquette University, administers Marquette's Center for Ethics Studies and Marquette's Center for Addication Studies; a founding member of Comedy Spots, an improvisational troupe. 1992.

  • Alan Blum, private practice, Southern California. 1988.

  • Tm Burns, staff psychologist, Strafford Guidance Center, Rochester, New Hampshire. 1988.

  • Arlene Burrows (1971, Rubin), private practice, Buffalo. September 2005.

  • Paul Cherulnik (1971, Vinacke), author of "Behavioral research: Assessing the validity of research findings in psychology" (1983).

  • Evan Cohen is a staff member at a mental health clinic in Ann Arbor , Michigan . October 2001.

  • William Conroy (1975), Division of Student Affairs, University at Buffalo. 1988.

  • Frederick Cooley retired as Senior Administrator, Division of Population Sciences, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo . August 2005.

  • Robert H. Deluty (Masling), director, clinical training, and presidential teaching professor, Department of Psychology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Baltimore, MD 21250); author of six books (the latest, "Present sense: New and selected poems," was published in July 2005 by Gateway Press); married to Barbara Medine Deluty, one daughter, one son; August 2005.

  • Robert Dyer (1970, Smith) works at the National Health Environment Effects Research Laboratory, United States Environmental Protection Agency. October 2000.

  • Robert Eaton is a computer specialist in Seattle , WA . January 2001.

  • Douglas Engwall, professor, Central Connecticut State University . October 2001.

  • Barry Fallon (1974, Hollander), professor, Department of Psychology, Australian Catholic University. September 2005.

  • Bart Ferraro (1978), private practice, Indianapolis . 1992.

  • Robert Fink (1974), director, Psychology Clinic, Oakland University , Michigan . 1993.

  • James Fix (1970), co-author of "Basic psychological therapies: Comparative effectiveness" (1976).

  • Jonathan Franz, vice president for the Residential College and professor, Tusculum College , Greenville , TN. October 2001.

  • Deborah Gagnon, assistant director, Digital Library & Information Technologies, Cornell University . July 2001.

  • Peter Getoff (1978), associate executive director of a mental health care center, Santa Monica , California . 1992.

  • Steve Golberg (1974), chief, U.S. Army Research Institute Field Unit, Orlando , Florida . 1992.

  • Dixie Grace is a clinical psychologist in Minneapolis-St. Paul. October 2001.

  • Thomas Grace is a clinical psychologist in Minneapolis-St. Paul. October 2001.

  • John Greenwood, professor, Department of Psychology, Lewis University . September 2000.

  • Sandra Harris (1970, Masling), Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor in the departments of Clinical Psychology and Psychology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Founder and Executive Director of the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center; Associate Editor, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, author of several books on autism spectrum disorders; recipient of the UB Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award, 2000. August 2005.

  • Jan Hastrup (1976, Katkin), associate professor of psychology (since 1982), University at Buffalo. 2005.

  • Lorraine Heilbrunn (1972), private practice, Boston; director of admissions, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. 1988.

  • Leon Hutt, clinical director, Gandara Mental Health Clinic, Springfield, Massachusetts. 1988.

  • Edward Hyman, private practice, Buffalo. 1988.

  • Ronald Iannotti (1975, Meacham), staff scientist, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Bethesda , Maryland ; August, 2005.

  • Kathy Jens is a school psychologist and has a private practice in Denver , Colorado . January 2001.

  • Doug Johnson, professor of applied psychology, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 1988.

  • Robert Joss (1976), professor of psychology, Gordon College , Wenham , Massachusetts . 1992.

  • Ann Keller (1978, Meacham) is a clinical psychologist at the Veterans Administration hospital in Waco , Texas . October 2000.

  • Deborah Kleese, associate professor, Empire State College. January 2001.

  • Russell Lemle, chief psychologist, San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center . September 2001.

  • Joseph Liebergall (1970, Shravger), assistant director, Erie County Forensic Mental Health Services. 1988.

  • Jeanne Solomon Longley (1979), management consultant, Longley and Associates, Charleston , South Carolina . 1993.

  • Bradley Lown, professor, SUNY College at Buffalo . January 2001.

  • Deborah Lueptnitz, staff, Philadelphia Guidance Clinic; author of "Child custody: A study of families after divorce" and "Women and family therapy;" 1988.

  • Clifford Mahler (1972), associate chief, Partial Hospitalization Section, Veterans Administration Medical Center , Buffalo . 1993.

  • Charles McClintock (1975), associate dean, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University , 1992.

  • Jon Meccarello, staff psychologist, Day Treatment Center, Western New York Children's Psychiatric Center; past president of Psychological Association of Western New York. 1988.

  • Glenn Meyer, professor of psychology, Lewis and Clark College. 1988.

  • Timothy Moore (1971, Segal), associate professor, York University . 1992.

  • Carol Ann Munschauer (1976), clinical assistant professor of psychiatry, UB School of Medicine. August 2005.

  • Herbert Newton (1979), assistant professor of neurology and director of neuro-oncology, Ohio State University . 1992.

  • J. Ken Nishita, professor (previously chair), California State University , Monterey Bay .

  • Jacob Orlofsky (1974), professor, University of Missouri—St. Louis. 1988.

  • Alvan Pan (1970), assistant professor and director of internship training, Albert Einstein College , New York . 1992.

  • Tom Randall (1973), professor, Rhode Island College. 1988.

  • Margaret Reeves (1975), private practice, Western New York. 1988.

  • Carol Reichenthal, professor, Merrimack College, Massachusetts; member, Executive Council, Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute; member, Task Force on Psychotherapy of American Psychoanalytic Association; Co-Chair of Psychotherapist Associates Committee of the American Psychoanalytic Assocation; 2006.

  • Linda Rosselli-Austin, professor of anatomy, Chicago State University . January 2001.

  • Cynthia Johnson Shilkret, private practice, South Hadley, Massachusetts. 1988.

  • Karl Sleikeu (1973), private practice, Austin, Texas. 1988.

  • Gregory Smith, professor, Dickinson College. 1988.

  • Richard Sorrentino (1971, Raynor), professor, University of Western Ontario; co-editor of "Handbook of Motivation and Cognition" (1986). 1988.

  • Madeline Stusnick (1970, Murray), was in private practice, now retired in California . October 2000.

  • Howard Tamler (1973), senior human factors engineer, Lockheed. 1988.

  • Yao-Chung Tsao (1976), Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, New Jersey. 1988.

  • David Weisenthal (1970), professor, York University, Toronto. 1988.

  • Barry Weiss (1970, Masling). Co-author of "Getting off the pain roller coaster" (1994). September 2005.

  • Susan Krauss Whitbourne (BA 1970), doctorate from Columbia in 1974; currently professor of psychology at University of Massachusetts.

  • Ed Whitson is an administrator in Roanoke , VA. 2002.

  • Jan Yoder (1979, Pruitt), professor, Department of Psychology, University of Akron; author of "Women and Gender: Transforming Psychology" (2nd edition, 2003). September 2005.

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1960's Graduates

  • Burt Backner (1961, Feldman), director of counseling, Queens College ,CUNY. 1992.

  • Morton Bloomberg (1963, W. Cohen), professor, Western Connecticut State University. 1988.

  • Arthur Bodin, private practice; senior research fellow, Mental Health Research Institute, Palo Alto, California; associate clinical professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of California; past-president of California State Psychological Association, past-president of APA's Division of Family Psychology; two terms on APA's Council of Representative. 1988.

  • Ronald Burrows (1969, Ford), private practice, Buffalo. September 2005.

  • Kenneth Condrell (1964, Geer), private practice; clinical assistant professor, Department of Psychiatry, University at Buffalo Medical School. 1988.

  • Norman L. Corah (1960, W. Cohen), professor of psychiatry, dentristy, behavioral sciences, University at Buffalo. September 2005.

  • Walter J. Flakus (1961, Bugelski), professor, Western Illinois University ; in 1992 made a substantial gift to the department in honor of Professor B. R. Bugelski. August 2005.

  • Diane Gale (1969, Shravger) was director of the University Counseling Service at UB.

  • Charles Grant (1962, Segal), director, Counseling Center, University of Maine. 1988.

  • Gordon Haaland (1966, Hollander), became president of the University of New Hampshire in 1984, then president of Gettysburg College . 2002.

  • Michel Herson (1966, Bugelski), professor of psychiatry and psychology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; author of 13 books, including "Outpatient behavior therapy: A clinical guide;" editor of "The clinical psychology handbook" (1983); "Behavioral assessment: A practical handbook" (2nd edition, 1981); "Progress in behavior modification," volumes 15 and 16, "Case studies in Family Violence" (1991), and "Adult psychopathology and diagnosis" (1991). 1992.

  • Gary Lutz, professor, Department of Psychology, SUNY College at Oneonta. 1988.

  • Douglas La Bier (1969, Shravger), private practice; faculty member, Washington School of Psychiatry; author of "Modern madness: The emotional fall-out of success" (1986). 1988.

  • Susan Meyer Markle, professor of education and psychology, head of microcomputers applications at instructional research laboratory, College of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago. 1988.

  • Marian Patterson, chief clinical neuropsychologist, University Hospitals, Cleveland. 1988.

  • Rick Ryckman (1968, Vinacke), professor, University of Maine , author of "Theories of personality" (3rd edition, 1985). August 2005.

  • Judy Singer (1966, Hunt), Mike Singer (1966, Hunt), consulting and private practice, Lexington , Massachusetts . 1992.

  • Harvey Silver (1967, Barnette), private practice, Toronto . 1992.

  • Allan Teger (1969, Pruitt), after a career in academic research and administration, a term as program director at the National Science Foundation, now a full-time photographer selling in galleries and shows nationally. 1988.

  • Donald Tepas (1963, W. Cohen), professor emeritus of industrial psychology, University of Connecticut (Storrs), 1998 to present; founding president, Society for Computers in Psychology (1972); secretary, Shiftwork Committee, International Commission on Occupational Health (2000); founding secretary, Working Time Society (2000). September 2005.

  • Phoebus Tongas (1964, Silverman), private practice, Southern California. 1988.

  • Alan Waterman (1966, Silverman), professor of psychology, The College of New Jersey. September 2005.

  • Lillie Rabie Weiss (1969, Masling), co-author or author of "Treating bulimia: A psycho-educational approach" (1985); "You can't have your cake and eat it too: A program for controlling bulimia" (1986); "Dream analysis in psychotherapy" (1986); "Practical dreaming" (1999); and "Therapist's guide to self-care" (2004). September 2005.

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1950's Graduates

  • Eli Alson (1959, Hershkowitz), director of behavioral medicine, Life Performance Center Pain Management Program, St. Clares and Riverside Medical Center, Denville, New Jersey. 1993.

  • Thomas Cadwallader (1959, Levinson), professor, Indiana State University ; president, 1986, of American Psychological Association's Division 26, Society for the History of Psychology. August 2005.

  • James Drasgow (1952, Feldman). The Department of Psychology's first doctoral recipient.

  • Walter Fabian (1954, Ringwall), professor, California University of Pennsylvania. 1988.

  • Shep Goldberg (1959, W. Cohen), executive director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic, Buffalo. 1988.

  • Raymond Hunt (1958, Bugelski, Feldman). BA, 1952, University of Buffalo ; was professor in psychology and management, University at Buffalo . September 2005.

  • Eleanor A. Jacobs (1955, Ringwall). The Department of Psychology's first clinical psychology doctorate; BA, MA from the University of Buffalo, 1949, 1952; psychologist and researcher at the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Buffalo; in 2004 established the Eleanor Jacobs Scholarship Fund for the benefit of undergraduate and graduate women students in the Department of Psychology. September 2005.

  • Sidney M. Jourard (1953, Feldman), professor, University of Florida, until 1974; was president, Association for Humanistic Psychology; author of "Personal Adjustment" (1958-1963), "The Transparent Self" (1964-71), "Disclosing Man to Himself" (1968), "Self-Disclosure" (1971), and "Health Personality" (1974). September 2005.

  • Peter J. Lang (1958, W. Cohen), graduate research professor, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, University of Florida . September 2005.

  • Robert Marshall (1958, I. Cohen), private practice, New York City , co-author of "The transference-countertransference matrix" (1988). 1992.

  • Saul Siegel (1955, Feldman), BA and MA from the University of Buffalo, 1949, 1952; clinical faculty, Menninger School of Psychiatry; chief psychologist, Topeka State Hospital; professor and director of clinical training, Ohio State University; consulting for the U. S. Office of Education, National Institute of Mental Health, American Psychological Association, and the Peace Corps; faculty member and director of counseling services, University of California, Santa Cruz; academic dean, Professional School of Psychology; faculty member, The Wright Institute, Berkeley (1979-1998); in 2005, Dr. Siegel provided a substantial gift to support the annual Marvin Feldman and Walter Cohen Award for undergraduate honors program research in psychology.

  • Donahue L. Tremaine (1955, Meadow, Bugelski), BA, MA from the University of Buffalo in 1949, 1952; taught at Roosevelt University, Chicago; in 1991 established the Dr. B. R. Bugelski Fellowship Fund for the benefit of graduate students in the Department of Psychology and, in addition, the Dr. Donahue Tremaine Lecture Endowment Fund for an annual lecture series for students and faculty associated with UB's Faculty of Social Sciences through a bequest of $100,000. August 2005.

  • Donald P. Woodward (1954, Bugelski), BA from the University of Buffalo, 1949; program manager, Physiology Program, then manager, Marine Mammal Program, Office of Naval Research. 1988.

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