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Welcome to the Personality, Psychopathology, & Psychometrics Lab (3PL) at the University at Buffalo

The Personality, Psychopathology, & Psychometrics Lab conducts research broadly relevant to measurement of and theory related to personality and psychopathology. More specifically, we are interested in applied and basic psychological assessment, dimensional models of personality and psychopathology, item response theory applications to personality measurement, and computerized adaptive testing.  Most recently, we have been involved in the following projects:

  • The CAT-PD Project: An NIMH-funded series of studies to develop (a) an integrative and comprehesive dimensional represatation of personality disorder, and (b) a computerized adaptive test to measure the resultant dimensions.
  • Studies of higher order personality models--such as the Big Three, Big Five, and Big Seven--and their relevance to prominent models of personality and personality pathology.
  • Studies to understand the structural relationships among dimensions underlying depression and anxiety.
  • Studies of the dimensions underlying posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and their relations with anxiety and depression more generally.
  • Collaborative development and validation of the Schedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality (SNAP), a trait measure of personality pathology
  • Development of a computerized adaptive version of the SNAP
  • Collaborative development of the Iowa Depression and Anxiety Scales (IDAS), a multi-dimensional measure of depression and anxiety.
  • Studies of self-other agreement and assortative mating/pairing with regard to personality traits.

If you are an undergraduate looking to join the lab as a Research Assistant, please complete an application and either email it to Kerry Zelazny or send it via campus mail to him in the Department of Psychology, Park Hall 319. [MS Word Application]

Applications are currently being considered for upcoming semesters. Summer break opportunities may be available. Note: The lab requires a minimum of a two-semester commitment for all incoming RAs.

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ModifiedMarch 20, 2013