Our Research has documented that:

    (1) relational aggression and victimization are prospectively associated during early childhood,

    (2) forms (relational and physical) and functions (proactive and reactive) of aggression may be reliably observed in young children,

    (3) and forms and functions of aggression are stable and uniquely associated with social-psychological adjustment outcomes in various developmental periods.

We have been working on developing school-based observational methods (as well as developmentally appropriate child interviews) for the study of relational and physical aggression during early childhood.

We have advanced theory in the development of aggression and gender in early and middle childhood and we have helped to empirically identify the mechanisms (e.g., peer rejection) by which aggression and victimization are linked in both early and middle childhood.

Related research projects have also included the study of deception, social dominance, hostile attribution biases, prosocial behavior, friendship development, and play behavior. 

In collaboration with UB colleagues and school partners we have begun to develop a preventive intervention for aggressive behavior and social competence in early childhood classrooms. 

With colleagues at UB's Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) we have conducted research on aggression, impulsivity and brain functioning in emerging adulthood.   

    For more information about the findings from our research, please visit the publications link.  At this link, you can download articles of recent publications as well as selected conference presentations.  For more information about ongoing or upcoming research projects, please visit the lab projects section of our site. 


Students interested in research assistant positions should fill out the attached application and return with a copy of their transcripts to jostrov@buffalo.edu



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