Profile for Lab Director:

Jamie M. Ostrov, Ph.D.


Profiles for Graduate Students:

Emily Hart, M. A. (On internship, Univ of Rochester Medical Center)

Kim Kamper, M.A.

Sarah Blakely-McClure, B.A.


Current Research Staff also includes:

To be named


Past Graduate Students:

(* Mentored Trainee)

Lauren Faracca, Ed.M. (Ph.D. student in Early Childhood Education)

*Stephanie Godleski, Ph.D.

*Jamie L. Guzzo, M. A.

*Adam D. Mullins, M. A.

Emily Ries, M.S. (Mental Health Counseling)

*Kirstin Stauffacher Grös, Ph.D.

Alyssa Tevens, Ed.M. (School Counseling)

Jilynn Werth, M. A. (Ph.D. Student, School Psych, UB)


Past Summer Interns:

Melissa D'Avanzato (Boston University)

Jenna Eisen (University of Michigan)

Nicole Huber (Niagara University, Cleveland State University)


Past Research Staff:

Heidi Abad, B.A.

Leah Allen, B. A.

Maureen Ballin, B. A.  (MSW Program)

Samantha Barone, B. A.

Jessica Blose, B. A. (MA School Counseling at UB)

Michelle Boehm, B.A. (Ph.D., School Psy, Arizona State)

Melissa Buchman, B. A. (MEd Program, School Psy, Queens College)

Devin Callan, B.A. (Nursing School)

Katie Carrozzi, B. A. (MA School Counseling at University of Rochester)

Brandy Crawford, B. A., Ed.M.

Becky Cullen, B.A.

Natalie Czup, B.A. (Buffalo Museum of Science)

Amber Dewey, B.A. (Ph.D., Dev Psych,  U of Iowa)

Molly Foegen, B. A., Ed.M. (Counseling CAS at UB)

Audra Foote, B. A.

Jennifer Gambino, B. A. (Teach for America)

Kristyn Gergelis, B. A. (M.D., SUNY UPSTATE)

Marissa Green, B. A. (Ph.D., School Psychology)

Laura Greyber, B. A. (M.S.W. Program at UB)

Tayler Halter, B. A.

Jesslyn Holbrook, B. A. (Law School)

Tamar Izcovich, B. A. (RA, Stony Brook)

Leah Jacobs, B. A. (MSW, UB)

Marianne Javier, B. A.

Amani Johnson, B. A. (Ph.D., Counseling Psychology at UB)

Jennifer Kane, B.A. (School Psych Program, WCU)

Lauren Kneussle, B. A. (Forensic Psych Grad School)

Yaschia Kinsey, B. A. (M.S. from UB)

Stacey Lampell, B.A.

Tim LaVigne, B.A. (Ph.D. in Clinical Psych, UVM)

Jamie Lee Mancuso, B.A. (M.S. in Educ Foundations)

Jenna Levine, B.A.

Rebecca Mazzullo, B. A. (Ph.D. at Florida State Univ)

Kathleen McDonald, B. A. (MEd Program at UB)

Kristen Muth (M.S. program at UB)

Rebecca Norton, B.A. (M.A. School Psych)

Megan O'Connor, B. A.

Brooke Salisbury, B. A. (MSW program at UB)

Kari Schwartz, B. A. (M.A. program in Art Therapy)

Mariana Sobczak

Amber Taylor (M.S. program at UB)

*Alyssa Tevens, B. A., Ed.M. (School Counseling, UB)

    *2008 SUNY Chancellor Award for Excellence

Becca Trager, B. A. (M.A. Program, Yeshiva U)

Kelly Tumility

Atsuko Ueda, B. A.

Emilee Valler, B. A. (M.S./Ed.S., School Psychology, Florida State Univ)

Rebecca Vujnovic, B. A., Ph.D. (Clinical Asst Prof, UB)

Samantha Wallace, B. A.

Jocelyn Weaver, B.A. (Masters in School Psych)

Catherine Wells, B. A.

Nyasha Young, B.A.


Past Research Staff Honors Students:

Christopher A. Bailey, B. S. (Research Tech at Yale Child Study Center) 

Christa Bishop, B. A., Psy.D.

Kelly Isenberg, B. A. (UMN)

Tricia Larson, B. A. (UMN; UMN Medical School)

Tierney McMahon, B. A. (Ph.D. student, Clinical Psychology, UB)

Michelle Pilat, M.Ed. (UMN)

Sarah Reynolds, B.A. (MSW, UB)

Nicole Slootsky, B.A.

Brittany Sternberg, B. A. (MSW, Columbia University)

Ashley Wander, B. A. (MSW, Columbia University)



Updated 6/11/14



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