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Millard Fillmore College has served adult non-traditional students since our beginning in 1923. For over 80 years, MFC has made it possible for adults to receive a University at Buffalo education while meeting work, family, and community responsibilities. Indeed, MFC has served as the gateway to opportunity for thousands of men and women seeking to better their lives through a university education.

Today's Millard Fillmore College is recommitted to serving adult non-traditional students. MFC's courses and certificate programs are available to qualified students at convenient times during the day, night, or on weekends. Moreover, MFC programs are available at home and in the workplace through the Internet as well as through traditional course instruction on the University at Buffalo campus. Search this website or call the MFC office for information on cutting edge courses and programs that meet your educational needs.

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Build Your Future
Transform Your Life
A Life Transition Series Seminar
beginning Sept. 8, 2007
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