General Policies

All students, faculty and members of the University at Buffalo community are encouraged to submit articles, letters, essays, announcements and artwork for publication. Biologue welcomes scientific manuscripts on a variety of topics within the general field of biosciences.

Materials submitted should be original. All listed authors should approve submission of the manuscript to Biologue. The submitting author should be considered corresponding author unless explicitly stated otherwise. Appropriate references should be given for any part of text and/or figure that reproduces other sources if such use is permitted. Peer review will evaluate submitted material on the basis of quality and appropriateness only. Authors assume and acknowledge full responsibility in case of copyright infringement of any sort and are required to sign the form stating that fact.

All authors should first contact the editorial board of Biologue at smbs-biologue@buffalo.edu before sending any files or hard copies. Normally, we would require electronic files with all materials as well as at least one hard copy of all text and images intended for publication. Submitting authors are also required to sign the Copyright Acknowledgement Form before the review process can begin.

For any questions regarding submission of materials for publication, potential contributors are encouraged to contact the editorial board at smbs-biologue@buffalo.edu

Read on for Specific guidelines on submitting manuscripts