Spring 2007 issue

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Qualifying a prelim
    Denys A. Khaperskyy     [PDF]         [HTML]

Labs at UB:

The Berezney lab in a spotlight
    Narasimha Rao Marella and Kishore Malyavantham     [PDF]         [HTML]

Visiting Scholar:

Dr. Frank Uhlmann presents his findings on chromatin segregation at Biochemistry Research Day
    Saaket Varma     [PDF]         [HTML]


Integrins as Pattern Recognition Receptors
   Tobias K. Boehm    Fulltext [PDF]   [HTML]             Abstract [HTML]

CARMA Family Proteins: Solving the Mystery of Signal Transduction from the Membrane to the Nucleus
   Prashant B. Shambharkar    Fulltext [PDF]   [HTML]             Abstract [HTML]

On the Cover

Yeast pattern. Composite confocal microscopy images of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells expressing Fre6-GFP fusion protein (green) and stained with FM 4-64 (vacuolar membrane dye, red) and ConA-Alexa 633 (plasma membrane dye, blue) by Navjot Kaur (Dan Kosman lab, Department of Biochemistry, University at Buffalo). Artistic rendition by Denys Khaperskyy.