Fall 2007 issue

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Rickettsia rickettsii requires a run-up in research
    Robert Gerrish     [PDF]        


Wolbachia pipientis: The many faces of an intracellular microbe
   Jyoti S. Madhusoodanan    Fulltext [PDF]    [HTML]         Abstract

Introduction to the Genetics and Structure of RNA Polymerase II
   Robert C. Majovski    Fulltext [PDF]    [HTML]         Abstract


Ode to E.coli
   Sumant Puri    Fulltext [PDF]         [HTML]

On the Cover

Macrophages that have phagocytosed large numbers of green-fluorescent bacteria. E. coli cells were transformed with green fluorescent protein expression vector pGFP (Edvotek), coated with fibrinogen and anti-E. coli rabbit IgG antibody. Bacteria (green) were incubated with macrophages cultured from human peripheral monocytes. Cells were then fixed, stained with Alexa568-anti-IgG/anti-lipid IgG (red), permeabilized, and stained with Alexa633-Phalloidin (Invitrogen) for actin filaments (blue). Confocal laser scanning microscopy image by Tobias K. Boehm (2007).