Bibliographic sources for languages in 100-language and 200-language core samples for the World Atlas of Language Structures. Not all of these sources have been checked and some are probably of limited usefulness. For ease of posting on the web, diacritics have been removed from a number of non-English words. (Please excuse the fact that the formatting of this list of references is not consistent.) Some of these sources are not readily available and copies will made available to contributors; information regarding this will be provided to contributors soon. For some of these languages, experts are listed who contributors can contact with questions. Instructions regarding using experts are available at

This bibliography first lists the sources for languages in the 100-language sample, followed by a list of sources for languages in the 200-language sample that are not in the 100-language sample.

This list was last updated 5 June 2001.



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Expert: John Roberts:


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Expert: Sidi Facundes:

Arabic (Egyptian):

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Expert: Sandra Chung: schung@cats.UCSC.EDU

Chinese (Mandarin):

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Expert: Desmond Derbyshire: (often away in the field)

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web site at

Expert: Dan Everett:

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Expert: Pieter Muysken:


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Expert: Colette Grinevald


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