For New Students

Students gathering outside of Student Union

International Student Orientation

The International Student Orientation program for newly admitted undergraduate students is scheduled for August 25-28, 2015. (Note:  Undergraduate students study at the Bachelor's degree level.)  For details, view our schedule.  During this program, you will receive important information about:

  • obtaining a University identification card
  • setting up e-mail, bank and cell phone accounts
  • meeting your academic advisor
  • registering for classes
  • overcoming challenges faced by international students
  • using the University libraries, health and recreation services
  • understanding University rules, regulations and academic procedures
  • maintaining proper immigration status as an international student

Sequence of Orientation Activities

  • Check-in
  • Get Single-Use Password & UB Identification Card
  • Get Immunizations (if required)
  • Register for ESL Classes (if required)
  • Attend Presentations & Workshops
  • Open Bank & Cell Phone Accounts
  • Take Campus Tour
  • Sign up for Niagara Falls Trip
  • Attend Immigration & University Police Sessions (necessary for course registration)
  • Attend "Welcome to UB"
  • Attend "Undergraduate Academic Overview"
  • Attend "UB: What You Need to Know"
  • Meet your Academic Advisor & Register for Classes
  • Attend " What It's Like to be an International Student"
  • Attend "Protecting Yourself:  Scams, Muggers, Etc." (strongly recommended)
  • Go on Shopping Trip
  • Attend Presentations & Workshops
  • Participate in Evening Programs

    Remember:  All students are required to submit their Health Background and Immunization Forms, receive required immunizations (if applicable), and attend the Immigration and University Police Sessions.