For New Students

Students gathering outside of Student Union

International Student Orientation

An International Student Orientation program for newly admitted students is scheduled for January 21-24, 2014. For details, view our schedule.  During this program, you will receive important information about:

  • obtaining a University identification card
  • setting up e-mail, bank and cell phone accounts
  • taking language tests (if required)
  • meeting your academic advisor
  • registering for classes
  • using the University libraries, computing, health and recreation services
  • understanding University rules, regulations and academic procedures
  • maintaining proper immigration status as an international student

Sequence of Orientation Activities

  • Check-in
  • Get Single-Use Password & UB Identification Card
  • Attend Presentations & Workshops
  • Activate UB Account
  • Get Immunizations (if required)
  • Take TOEFL/SPEAK Tests (if required)
  • Open Bank & Cell Phone Accounts
  • Meet your International Student Club Representatives
  • Take Campus Tour
  • Attend Immigration & University Police Sessions (necessary for course registration)
  • Meet your Academic Advisor & Register for Classes
  • Attend UB Paperwork Session (strongly recommended)
  • Attend Welcome Ceremony & Reception
  • Go on ShoppingTrip

Immigration & University Police Sessions

All international students must attend the Immigration and University Police Sessions before registering for classes. Make-up sessions will be offered, but you are strongly advised to attend this session during International Student Orientation.

Please remember:  You will not be able to register for classes until you have taken any required tests (TOEFL, SPEAK), submitted your Health Background & Immunization Forms and received immunizations (if required), and attended the Immigration and University Police sessions.


Do you plan to travel outiside the U.S. this summer?

If so, read "Travel Advisory for International Students"