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Health Insurance for International Students

All students attending the State University of New York (SUNY) are required to have a medical insurance policy that provides coverage for them up to certain standards.  The SUNY health insurance plan for international students and scholars meets the minimum requirements of the State of New York.

How do I enroll in the SUNY health insurance plan for international students and what is the cost?

All international students who are registered for at least one credit at UB are automatically enrolled in the SUNY health insurance plan.  The cost for this policy is currently $1,301 for a full year of coverage (8/15/15-8/14/16). You will be billed for your insurance premium along with your other university costs (tuition & fees, etc.) at the beginning of each semester.

What are the specifics of SUNY's health insurance plan for international students?

The Student Medical Insurance Office (a division of Sub-Board I, Inc.) manages your health insurance policy and coverage. For information about SUNY's health insurance plan for international students and scholars, please read "Blanket Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Especially for International Students/Scholars Attending the State University of New York" and the HTH Medical Evacuation Repatriation/ Political Evacuation Natural Disaster Brochure.  Additional information is available at and Note: This insurance policy does not cover dental or vision care except in case of injury.

How do I enroll my spouse and/or children in SUNY health insurance plan?

You will need to complete the Dependent Enrollment Form and submit it along with payment for your dependents to the Student Medical Insurance Office, Student Union 315, North Campus. For further information about coverage for dependents, please read the SUNY Dependent Insurance.

What if I have other health insurance?

If you wish to use a different health insurance plan, you must have your alternate policy reviewed to make sure it meets and/or exceeds SUNY's minimum requirements. You will only be permitted a waiver of the cost of the SUNY health insurance if your policy matches or exceeds the SUNY policy and is approved by UB's Student Medical Insurance Office.  Note:  The health insurance plan provided by sponsoring agenices to Fulbright students does not meet the SUNY requirement so those students will need to enroll in the SUNY health insurance plan as well.

We strongly recommend that you have your prospective health insurance reviewed by the UB's Student Medical Insurance Office BEFORE purchasing it. If you buy another policy and it does not meet SUNY's minimum requirements, you will have to pay for both policies.

What must my health insurance policy cover so that I can be approved for a waiver of SUNY's health insurance plan for international students?

The minimum coverage required by SUNY in order to be approved for a waiver of the SUNY's health insurance plan must include:

  1. $300,000 USD of coverage per injury/illness
  2. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits of $10,000 USD
  3. Deductible of $50 USD
  4. Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions (including pregnancy)
  5. Coverage for Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of at least $100,000 USD (may be purchased from SUNY separately)
  6. Coverage for in-hospital room and board
  7. Coverage for inpatient treatment of mental and emotional disorders
  8. Coverage for treatment of alcohol and substance abuse
  9. Coverage for prescription drugs
  10. Coverage for lab work, x-rays, and other diagnostic testing
  11. Coverage for ambulance charges and equipment rental

How do I apply for a waiver of SUNY's health insurance plan for international students?

We urge you to contact the Student Medical Insurance Office directly (Tel. 716-645-3036) and tell them the name of your policy / insurer that you are considering or already have. They are familiar with many international health insurance policies, and may be able to quickly determine whether or not your policy is sufficient.

To have your policy reviewed, the first step is to apply online .  Then, your policy will be reviewed by the Student Medical Insurance Office.

Student Medical Insurance Office
Student Union 315
University at Buffalo
Buffalo , N.Y. 14260
Tel: (716) 645-3036
Fax: (716) 645-3465