Some Pictures of Buffalo

These are some scattered pictures of the City of Buffalo and the surrounding area of western New York. We welcome any additions-- send mail to the address below if you have pictures you would like to add.

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The Buffalo Skyline (178 K) (GIF-229K)
The tallest buildings are the city hall on the left, and the Marine Midland Building on the right. Buffalo's downtown is a treasure-trove of early 20th Century architecture.
The city's waterfront (the small boat harbor is shown here with recent condominium developments) has gone through many transformations, and its development is the subject of constant debate.
Buffalo City Hall (68 K) (GIF-102K)
City Hall is an art-deco masterpiece built in 1932. At 33 stories, it is one of the tallest city halls in the nation, and claims the unique distinction of being the 2nd highest building in the 2nd largest city in the 2nd largest state in the nation. The exterior is covered with symbols of the area's native american heritage, and the city's image as an industrial center.
The monument is in honor of William McKinley, the president of the United States who was assassinated here in 1902 while visiting the Pan-American Exposition.
Erie Community College (68K) (GIF-118K)
Originally built as the city's post office in 1905. One of Buffalo's turn-of-the-century masterpieces.
Many more Views of Buffalo are available, courtesy of Dan Tasman

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