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Wings Web Service

Overview of Campus Web Server

The Central Campus Web Hosting Server is the central web server for UB. It is the home of hundreds of UB's web sites, including over 300 virtual hosts and all the pages which addresses begin with wings.buffalo.edu. The Central Campus Web Hosting Server is a Web server where an individual or group of individuals can put up Web pages for courses, sponsored student clubs, and any other official university business. How elaborate your Web page becomes is limited only by your creativity and technical expertise.


Central Campus Web Hosting Server has the following features:

  • Essentially unlimited filespace
  • Ability to use Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to create interactive Web pages
  • Authentication mechanisms to restrict access to the viewing and writing of Web pages to specific individuals or groups
  • Real server that can deliver streams of audio and video
  • UltraSeek search engine to index your site
  • Oracle database to store data
  • Perl CGI
  • PHP

What is a Web Developer?

Almost all of the contents of the Central Campus Web Hosting Server are provided by independent Web Developers from departments, offices, and organizations all over campus. As a Web Developer, you are free to contribute to the campus server any information from your organization which you feel will be useful to the faculty, staff, and students of the University, or to the Internet community at large.

Each Web Developer represents his or her organization on the Central Campus Server. When users view the documents which you place in the Central Campus Web Hosting Server, they will expect them to be official statements by your organization. Thus, you must be sure that you have the full cooperation of your organization leadership, and that the information you contribute is reliable. Otherwise, liability could be a great concern for you, your organization, and the University itself.

While Web Developers can add documents to Central Campus Web Server as they see fit, without the direct editorial control of the Central Campus Web Hosting Service Team, the staff retains certain editorial rights. These include, but are not limited to: the right to organize the major areas, the right to determine what identification information should be required in all documents, and the right to exclude or delete items or parts of items that are in violation of the Campus Web Hosting Policies or any applicable SUNY policies, including web accessibility, sexual harassment, patent and copyright, and student and employee disciplinary policies, as well as applicable federal and state laws.

Getting Help on the Central Campus Web Hosting Server

The Central Campus Web Hosting Server Web Developer's Guide - Information for campus Web Developers. We highly recommend that you are familiar with this information before creating your web site.

Register for a new web site on the Central Campus Web Hosting Server.

For comments regarding this page or more information regarding the Central Campus Web Hosting Service, please contact the Central Campus Web Hosting Service Team at wings@buffalo.edu.