UB Information Technology

Secure SSL Certificates

A SSL Certificate uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt information sent between a web browser and web server. You should use SSL whenever you collect sensitive data from a form such as an address, or UB ID numbers, or when you require a password to be entered to gain access to a webpage.

There is a SSL Certificate installed on wings for the domain wings.buffalo.edu. You may use the certificate at any time by referencing any wings.buffalo.edu webpage with the protocol "https://". A yellow padlock appears in the lower corner of your browser to indicate the connection is secure.

For example:
https://wings.buffalo.edu <- A secure connection where data is sent encrypted
http://wings.buffalo.edu <- An insecure connection where data is sent as plain text

You can use https:// with any URL that uses the domain wings.buffalo.edu. If your website uses a virtual host on wings (such as www.ubathletics.buffalo.edu) and you wish to use SSL, you can:

   1. reference or link to a URL using the corresponding full wings address
   2. Purchase a SSL Certificate for your virtual host domain, so that you do not have to link outside of your domain. The certificate will only work for your domain.

To purchase a SSL Certificate, you must fill out a SSL Request. The request must be for a fully qualified domain name. Unfortunately, we cannot install SSL Certificates that are purchased through some other vendor. We will only install SSL certificates purchased through CIT. Once you have requested your SSL certificate, you will receive an email with the cost.