UB Information Technology


To provide information on Wings, you first need to become a registered Web Developer. You can do this by contacting filling out the online registration form. Since the Wings server runs the Unix operating system, you will first need to obtain a UBITname which provides access to the CIT Unix Timeshare systems (ubunix.buffalo.edu). Then you will receive the following:

  • A subscription to the WINGS-IP mailing list. The WINGS-IP Listserv is a moderated, announce-only Listserv used for announcements from the Central Campus Web Hosting Service Team. It is generally recommended that you do not unsubscribe from this list unless you are no longer responsible for pages hosted on the Wings web server. Periodically, all owners and all members of groups that own files on the Central Campus Web Hosting Server will be automatically subscribed (using the address UBITNAME@buffalo.edu) to this list to ensure that they receive important announcements regarding the Wings web server.
  • An area on the Central Campus Web Hosting Server disk that corresponds to your Web site. This is where your information will be physically stored. You will have full permission to add and change information in this area, but not anywhere else on Wings. Additionally a quota is placed on the amount of disk space your site may use. To check how much of your quota is currently used visit the F.A.Q. or to request more space visit the Quota Increase Form.