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Wings Web Developer's Guide

News (November 9 2012 02:38:21 PM)

On Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 access to upload website files and content to Wings will be removed from UBUnix.

The new machine is wingsadm.acsu.buffalo.edu.

From now until December 20, you will have access to both wingsadm.acsu.buffalo.edu and ubunix.buffalo.edu.

1. You maintain it by logging into wingsadm.acsu.buffalo.edu using your UBITname and password via SSH or SFTP and going to the base directory:
/wings/info/www/ which replaces /net/wings/info/www/ on UBUnix

2. Please send a message to wings@buffalo.edu if you are currently using crontab on ubunix for your Wings web space.

3. We highly recommend that everyone responsible for uploading and updating pages make this one-time change to their ubit central account:
Use a terminal/console program like PuTTY on Windows or Terminal on Mac to
edit the .cshrc file in your home directory on wingsadm.acsu.buffalo.edu . Add the lines (or change it if it already exists):
umask 077
if (${HOST} == 'wingsadm-clz.acsu.buffalo.edu' ) umask 002

If you need help with your umask, please contact the CIT Help Desk:
214 Lockwood
Lockwood 2nd Floor Cybrary
(716) 645-3542

4. If you are off campus you will need to use the VPN client
AnyConnect, instructions can be found at

5. We will only support the current version of Dreamweaver Adobe CS5. It is available on My Virtual Computing Lab:

Any questions or concerns can be directed to wings@buffalo.edu.

Welcome to the Central Campus Web Hosting Developers Guide.

The UB Central Campus Web Hosting Service (sometimes known as "Wings") is for conducting UB business, specifically supporting UB's research initiative, departmental or school work, UB instructional activities, and officially sponsored student clubs or organizations.

Please note that UBFS provides a place for personal web pages to be hosted. In many cases UBLearns is better suited for hosting online resources for instruction and collaboration.

Here are a host of resources at your disposal including online forms to request service, policy information, and guides to assist in the creation and maintanence of web sites on the Wings Central Web Hosting Server.