Educational Opportunities 

Fall 2016 Courses 

BMA 501 - Biomaterials Science of Cell-Surface Phenomena (3.0 credits)
crosslisted as BPH 501 (3.0 credit hours), as BPR 501 (3.0 credit hours),
as ODS 501 (3.0 credit hours), and as MAE 607 (3.0 credit hours)
Course Outline and Topics

BMA 502 - Basic Aspects of Biomaterials Testing (3.0 credits hours)
Course Outline and Topics

BMA 513 - Polymeric Biomaterials, cross-listed as MAE 608
Course Outline and Topics

ODS/BPH 603 Medical Biophysics
Course Outline and Topics

There are numerous educational opportunities available through IUCB. Most prominent is the option to
pursue the Master of Science Degree in Biomaterials:

for which IUCB provides all the Academic Resources.

Please view the Biomaterials Overview PowerPoint, to get a quick glimpse of the program requirements and of the
successful students recently finished up.

Biomaterials Overview PowerPoint

The MS Biomaterials Graduate Program is carefully articulated with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Graduate Division of UB,
so that our graduates can smoothly move on to PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering and Biophysics.



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