The Naked Scientists, an internet podcast website based at the University of Cambridge, recently interviewed Dr. Salvi for a podcast relating to a recent publication, "Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Involve Hyperactivity and Enhanced Connectivity in Auditory-Limbic-Arousal-Cerebellar Network", that was published in the prestiges journal, eLife. (Chen, Y.C., Li, X., Liu, L., Wang, J., Lu, C.Q., Yang, M., Jiao, Y., Zang, F.C., Radziwon, K., Chen, G.D., Sun, W., Krishnan Muthaiah, V.P., Salvi, R., Teng, G.J. 2015. Elife 4, 1 - 19. pmcid: 4426664). To listen to the podcast, click here. The podcast was also rebroadcasted on BBC5 Live and Radio National in Australia.


The UB Reporter published an article on May 14, 2015 on Dr. Richard Salvi's recent breakthrough in tinnitus research which could lead to a testable model. Click here to access the article.


The American Academy of Audiology has awarded Donald Henderson their 2013 Career Award in Hearing or Balance. Dr. Henderson, and the other award recipients, will be honored at the Academy Honors & Awards Banquet on April 4, 2013 during the AudiologyNOW! 2013 conference in Anaheim, California.


Sarah Hayes, a Graduate Student working in the Center for Hearing and Deafness, just received a $10,000 student research grant from the American Tinnitus Association. Sarah is currently a Ph.D. student in U.B.'s Neuroscience Program, and is also taking course work to complete the AuD degree in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders.


At its meeting on November 22, 2011, the SUNY Board of Trustees appointed Richard Salvi to SUNY Distinguished Professor, the highest rank in the SUNY system. Click here to read the announcement which was published in the November 28, 2011 UB Reporter.


The 5th International TRI Tinnitus Conference: Neuroscience of Tinnitus was held August 19-21, 2011 at the Holiday Inn Grand Island Resort and Conference Center in Grand Island, New York. Over 200 scientists and clinicians from 26 countries attended the conference.

- Meeting Program and Abstracts, click here

- Tinnitus Research Initiative meeting coverage, click here

- See page 16 of the Fall 2011 Canadian Association of Speech-Languange Pathologists and Audiologists Communique for meeting coverage.

- The American Tinnitus Association published an article on the meeting in their Winter 2011 edition of Tinnitus Today.


On October 29, 2010, Dr. Richard Salvi gave a lecture at Microsoft, "Remodeling Sensory and Motor Circuits in the Brain: New Insights from Hearing Loss and Tinnitus".  Click here to view Dr. Salvi's lecture in its entirety (note, the first minute or so is an introduction to Dr. Salvi.  If you do not have time to view the entire lecture, you can read the text of it on the right side of the webpage.


Dr. Richard Salvi was invited to participate on September 22, 2010 at the Invisible Wounds Congressional Caucus Hearing on Tinnitus.  Click here to see a summary of the caucus.   Click here to see pictures from the caucus. published an article, "Metallica drummer struggles with ringing in the ears," on December 28, 2009.  Dr. Richard Salvi is quoted in the article.  Click here to see the article.


Telegraph (United Kingdom). November 10, 2009.  Deafness Gene Discovered by Scientists.  Click here to see the article.


Richard Salvi is Distinguished Speaker at the Third Annual Neuroscience Research Day hosted by the Buffalo Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience and the University of Buffalo, Neuroscience Program on September 26, 2009.  Click here for more details on his presentation, "The Ringing in Your Ear (Tinnitus) is Really in Your Brain".


The New Yorker. March 3, 2009. "That Buzzing Sound: The Mystery of Tinnitus."  Click here to see the article.


The Washington Post. March 10, 2009. "The Buzz that Veterans Hear."  Click here to see the article.


Hearing Review. March 12, 2009.  "Advancements Made in Tinnitus Research." Click here to see the article.


What do Eric Clapton, William Shatner, David Letterman, Ludwig van Beethoven have in common?  They all have suffered through tinnitus.  Click here to see article that appeared in The National Newspaper (Abu Dahbi) on June 3, 2008.  Dr. Salvi is quoted in the article.


The Oregonian published an article on March 12, 2008 on tinnitus, "Those Painful Ear Rings."  Dr. Salvi is quoted in the article.  Click here to see the article.


Tinnitus related videos and articles on  April 7, 2008 article, "Buzz Kill: Scientists Aim to Stop Ringing in Ears," and video, "Relief for Ringing Ears," was partially filmed at the Center for Hearing and Deafness.  Dr. Salvi is mentioned in the article and is on the video.


New York Times article (April 1, 2008), "New Therapies Fight Phantom Noises of Tinnitus."


The Deafness Research Foundation's Hearing Health Journal (Spring 2008), "Coling Takes Aim at Hearing - Toxic Cancer Drug."


The Oregonian (March 12, 2008), "Those Painful Ear Rings."


The cover story of the January 2008 edition of The Hearing Journal, "Research advances understanding of tinnitus, lifts hopes of better treatment,"  is one of the best articles in some time to cover tinnitus and hope for the future.  A section of the article is about Dr. Richard Salvi's research and in another section, Dr. Christina Stocking discusses the results tinnitus patients are having when they use the Oasis device from Neuromonics.  Please click here to see the article.


American Tinnitus Association announces recently awarded NIH 5-year grant to Dr. Richard Salvi and a new 2008 ATA funded grant to Daniel Stolzberg Please click here to see the announcement. reports on Dr. Richard Salvi's $2.9 million 5-year grant from NIH to study tinnitus.  Please click here to see the article.


Hear, Hear - Richard Salvi works well with others by Lauren Newkirk Maynard; University of Buffalo Research Navigator Fall 2006 publication.  Please click here to view article.


On May 3, 2006, Donald Henderson was awarded the Hofstra University National Research Award.  The Saltzman Center of Hofstra University chooses a department/discipline each year and honors the individual who has made the most important recent contributions in that field.  Please click here to see the announcement from the Hofstra University website.


Donald Henderson was awarded the National Hearing Conservation Association's Outstanding Hearing Conservationist Award at their 31st Annual Conference which was held in Tampa, Florida, February 16-18, 2006.  Please click here to see his write up in the conference program.


UB and Military collaborate on design and testing of first drug to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.  Please click here for complete article.


UB researcher reports on potential involvement of pain receptors and substance P in tinnitus relief.  Please click here for complete article.