Univerity at Buffalo

Teaching Bioethics and Medical Humanities

This area will provide academic resources for teachers of bioethics and medical humanities. It includes the current Syllabus Exchange Catalog from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, with mail order information. In addition, the Kennedy Institute and the National Library of Medicine have produced BIOETHICSLINE, an extensive database of bioethics resources. A new area (including the UB Dilemmas in Clinical Medicine course is currently under construction. The most extensive on-line listing of Bioethics Syllabi can be found at the NYU Medical Humanities Syllabus collection.

Ethics OSCE

This area also provides the full text of Peter Singer and Anja Robb's Ethics OSCE stations as described in the Journal of General Internal Medicine articles (1994, 9: 690-2; and 1993, 8:23-8).
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