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Confidentiality and Medical Records Privacy Resources

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New York Public Health Law Sec. 2782 concerning HIV confidentiality is available via the NYS Senate gopher
A number of new Web sites focus on the issues of patient confidentiality and medical record privacy (particularly electronic records).

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) maintains a site for information about medical record privacy.

Ralph Nader's Consumer Project on Technology (CPT) has privacy information as well as Pharmacetical Development, Pricing and Property Rights information.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) maintains a medical privacy area in their large archive of material related to on-line civil liberties.

The National Coalition for Patient Rights is a non-profit organization comprised of medical professionals and concerned citizens dedicated to restoring confidentiality to health care.

The Health Privacy Project is dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of ensuring health privacy in order to improve health care access and quality, both on an individual and a community level. The Project is a part of the Institute for Health Care Research and Policy at the Georgetown University Medical Center.

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