UB Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care

About the Center

The Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care was established at the University at Buffalo in 1994. It is a multi-disciplinary center which coordinates a variety of clinical and academic activities in the Western New York area.

Gerald Logue, MD and Stephen Wear, PhD are Center Co-Directors. Jack Freer, MD is Associate Director. The Center maintains two automated e-mail listservers. BIOETH-LIST is primarily designed for those in the Greater Buffalo area and permits subscribers to post to the list. This list is available for posting local announcements, as well as a medium for discussion of relevant topics. It will also distribute the Center newsletter, "Bioethics Bulletin." If you are on this list, you can send a message to the entire list by addressing the message to: BIOETH-LIST@listserv.acsu.buffalo.edu. Archives of old BIOETH-LIST messages are maintained at: http://listserv.acsu.buffalo.edu/archives/bioeth-list.html

BIOBUL-LIST is strictly used for distribution of "Bioethics Bulletin" and is mainly for those outside of Western New York. If you have further questions about this service, contact Jack Freer at 887-4852 or at: jfreer@buffalo.edu.

The Center Office is located at The Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 3495 Bailey Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14215
Telephone: 716-862-6563 FAX: 716-862-5649 or 716-862-8533

Last updated: 03/29/11