&Now: A Festival of Innovative Art & Literature
October 14-17, 2009

The &NOW Conference explores intersections between creative and critical praxes, examines innovative and experimental acts of writing, and advances a serious inquiry into theories of language.

A unique conference, &NOW brings together a wide array of innovative writers whose work not only promotes interdisciplinary explorations, but also encourages conversations about linguistic transgressions, the limits of genre, and the relation between theory and praxis. It might be said that &Now writers—in their differing modes—are self-consciously aware of their own production: the language that gives their work shape, the history that gives context to their works’ form.

The &NOW Conference was founded in 2004 at the University of Notre Dame. In 2006, the conference was hosted by Lake Forest College outside Chicago and in 2008 by Chapman University outside Los Angeles.

The University at Buffalo is hosting &NOW 2009. Please visit for information about the &NOW 2009 Conference. Click 2009 Conference Program to download a complete listing of all Buffalo &Now events and readings.

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