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This page resulted from discussion at the DCC Steering Committee meetings about the use of DCCs mailing list. Members send and reply to messages that cover a wide range of activities and topics. Due to high activity on the list and the large of number of its subscribers (well over 200), it's only natural that the messages generated will confuse (and frustrate) some subscribers.

In an effort to end the confusion and to offer some other benefits, we proposed that one of the following subject tags be used by all subscribers when sending out any messages to the list. These, we hope, are easy enough to remember and cover the most common reasons the list is used.

DCC-EVENT: to announce meetings being held by DCCs including any of its Working Groups; for any training sessions, vendor presentations, classes etc.
DCC-NEW: to announce a new service, a new working group, a new web site to the list subscribers.
DCC-HELP: to ask subscribers for some help regarding an operating system, application, etc. In general, the tech support questions that are sent out to the list.
DCC-NOTES: to send out meeting notes to subscribers from various events.
DCC-RFC: in accordance with the Internet "standard", this tag would request comments from subscribers about some topic.
DCC-MISC: for anyone who's undecided about the category of his/her message. (We don't want anyone to feel restricted ;-) )

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This page last updated October 11, 2007