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The Center maintains a set of resources that support cognitive science-related research on the campus.

Informational Clearing-House

Every week, the Center distributes electronically and by hardcopy a listing of cognitive science-related events upcoming locally over the next month or so. A number of CogSci-affiliated departments announce their presentations and workshops in this listing, which has become the campus's main centralized source for such information. In addition, the Center regularly distributes over e-mail information that comes to it on cognitive science-related conferences, job announcements, grant possibilities, and the like.

Collation of Cognitive Science-Related Courses

In advance of the start of each semester, the Center distributes widely over campus a collation of all the cognitive science-related courses that will be offered in that upcoming semester. This list helps students interested in cognitive science to select their courses. In the collation process, the Center also alerts different departments of any conflicts in their course scheduling.

Technical Reports Series

The Center publishes a series of research and technical reports that presents recent work by Center faculty members and some selected student papers or dissertations pertaining to cognitive science.

An updated series listing is periodically distributed for those wishing to purchase research reports of interest to them, and the Center maintains an arrangement with several other cognitive science facilities for a mutual exchange of technical report series.

Cognitive Science Library

The Center library, located in a portion of the conference room, contains a sizable and increasing collection of materials pertaining to cognitive science.

This collection includes a substantial number of books, the core journals relevant to the field, the cognitive science-related publications of the Center faculty members, the cognitive science technical report series of both UB and other institutions, materials on other cognitive science programs around the country, and the tapes of virtually all the talks that the Center has sponsored.

The newest addition to the library is a Dell laptop computer. You are welcome to use it. Although there is no printer connected to it you can save your data onto CDRs or CD-RW. You can purchase the media for a $1.00 in the CogSci office or bring your own.

This specialized and centrally located library serves as a cognitive science research facility for the campus community.

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