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The ARU discussion group ( addresses issues related to drug addiction, drug abuse, and related topics in behavioral neuroscience. Although the list is primarily used for university course instruction, it is unmoderated and open to the public. Vistors are welcome to follow the discussions and to participate in the online tutorials. The ARU assumes no liability for the content of this list nor information disseminated through it.

Subscribing to the List

To subscribe to the discussion list, send an e-mail message to:

Using the List

To send a message to everyone on the discussion list, send e-mail to: To read a message, simply read your e-mail; messages are sent automatically to registered discussion-group participants. If messages are not saved on your local computer or to view earlier messages, use the archives described below.

To reply to a specific message, open the message with your e-mail program. Then send your reply by using the reply function of your e-mail program. This will automatically "link" your response with the previously posted message addressing the same topic. Initiate new topics using the send instructions described above; this avoids inappropriate threading of unrelated messages. You cannot reply to messages when viewing them in the archives.

The archives can be viewed at: ARURAP-LIST@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU - Archives. Use the archives to view previously posted messages and to sort the messages by topic or by user. The archives offer an alternative method for readers to follow the discussions but not to post messages to the discussion list.

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Unsubscribing to the List

To sign off of this list, send an e-mail message to:

          Send only the following line in the text field: unsub arurap-list

Important Note: The discussion list is unmonitored and open to the public. Use private e-mail for confidential messages.

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