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University Courses

Following is a list of academic courses and seminars taught by Dr. Michael Bozarth in the Department of Psychology. Some of these courses are also being taught by other faculty members. The course descriptions listed here apply only to sections taught by Dr. Bozarth.

Assessing Drug Reinforcement (formerly PSY 440)

Biopsychology (PSY 351 -- formerly PSY 230)

Contemporary Issues in Drug Abuse (PSY /variable)
(Seminar topics vary across semesters; see hyperlinks listed below for topics.)

Drug Addiction (PSY 451 -- formerly PSY 351)

Graduate Seminar in Addiction (PSY 896/variable)

Graduate Motivation Seminar (PSY 865/variable)

Motivational Theory (PSY 349)

Neuropsychopharmacology (two semesters, graduate level; PSY 872, PSY 874/variable)

Psychopharmacology (PSY 402)

Listings of related courses taught by other faculty in the Psychology Department and the School of Social Work can be found in the University catalog. These courses and programs are not affiliated with the ARU.

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