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Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials

All material found on this web site is copyrighted. Original material is copyrighted by the Addiction Research Unit/University at Buffalo. This material can be freely copied and distributed provided that the source is acknowledged (i.e., © 2000 Addiction Research Unit/University at Buffalo) and that the original meaning is not altered. Other materials are copyrighted by various publishers. This material may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. Downloading single copies for personal use is permitted.

Science progresses by the free and open exchange of information. Some interpretations of the copyright laws appear to conflict with the objective of distributing scientific material to the widest possible audience. Scientists wish to disseminate their work, but publishers are faced with the economic reality of the high cost of publishing scientific material for a relatively small audience. (It is usually surprising for laymen to learn that not only do we seldom receive payment for our published work, we sometimes incur page charges for publication.) The purchase of article offprints (i.e., reprints) from the publisher helps subsidize the cost of publishing scientific material. With every published paper, we purchase reprints that are available for distribution to our colleagues and to others interested in our work. Although electronic posting of these papers may be a speedier and more efficient distribution method, we recognize the importance of the traditional system of journal/book publication and reprint requests. Therefore, we have adopted a policy that published materials will not be available online until after reprint supplies have been exhausted. Readers interested in these materials should submit a written request for reprints. Available reprints are sent without charge.

Reprint Availability: Materials listed with hyperlinks are available online for individual use as permitted by current copyright laws. Materials without hyperlinks can be obtained by written request to the e-mail or postal address listed on the feedback page. Citations to all published material should be to the original source.

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