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Ezra B. Zubrow

Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1971
Director, Social Systems GIS Lab

Office: 466 Richmond, Bldg 4
Phone: (716) 645-0411

Office Hours

Dr. Zubrow is on leave Spring 2008

Research Interests

Anthropological and Archaeological theory and method, social policy of heritage and disability, Nordic archaeology, ecology, simulation methods, demography, marginal cultural areas; Finland, Norway, England, Northeast

Selected Publications

2007 "Remote Sensing, Fractals and Cultural Landscapes: An ethnographic prologemma using U2 imagery." in Remote Sensing in Archaeology, James R. Wiseman and Farouk El-Baz, Editors,Springer Verlag pp. 252-280.

2007 with Michael Graves. "Chapter 1: The Intellectual Legacies of an Archaeological Paradigm" In Archaeological Anthropology: Perspectives on Method and Theory Edited by James M. Skibo; Michael W. Graves; Miriam T. Stark University of Arizona Press. Tucson pp 3-20.

2006 with Christina Spielman, Marcia Rioux, Tamara Daly, Mihaela Dinca-Panaitescu, and Gail Kunkel. "The Data Trail: Steps to Discovery in Research" Abilities v. 69 pp.50-51.

2006 "Charting a New Course: Literacy and Disability" with Gail Kunkel, Tamara Daly, Christina Spielman, Miha Dinca-Panatitescu, Marcia Rioux. Abilities v.67: pp 46-47.

2006 "The Iron Age Demography" in Marshland Communities and Cultural Landscapes from the Bronze Age to the Present, edited by Christopher Evans and and Ian Hodder McDonald Institute Monographs McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research University of Cambridge pp. 311 – 313.

2006 with Elizabeth C. Blake. "The Origin of Music and Rhythm" in Archaeoacoustics edited by Chris Scarre and Graeme Lawson McDonald Institute Monographs McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research University of Cambridge pp. 117 -126.

2006 "Digital Archaeology: The Historical Context" in Thomas Evans and Patrick Daly Editors Digital Archaeology: Bridging Method and Theory Routledge London, New York pp 10-31.

2005 "Spatial Analysis, Time and Cultural Evolution" in Temps et espaces de l'homme en societe, analses e modeles spatiaux en archeologie. Editions APDCA, Antibes; Association pour la promotion et la diffusion des reconnaissances archeologiques. Pp19-29.

2005 "Prehistoric Space: An Archaeological Perspective" in Journal of World Anthropology Vol. II number 1 pp1-42.

2005 with Marcia Rioux. "Developing GIS of Literacy and Disability" ArcNEWS April Issue p.18.

2005 Simulation in Archaeology:The Basic Concepts edited Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn Routledge. Pp

2004 Harrison, A, Rajala, U, Stoddart, S., Witcher, R. and Zubrow, E. "The enhancement of the South Etruria Survey. Phase 1." In Patterson, H. (ed.) Bridging the Tiber: Approaches to regional archaeology in the Middle Tiber Valley (Archaeological Monographs of the school at Rome 13) London: British School at Rome, 29-35.

2003 with Marcia Rioux, Mary Stutt Bunch and Wendy Miller. The Atlas of Literacy and Disability, Canadian Abilities Foundation. Toronto.

2003 Rioux, M., E. Zubrow, A. Furrie, W. Miller, and M. Bunch. "Putting Literacy and Disability in Perspective." Abilities Magazine, 54.

2003 Rioux, M., E. Zubrow, A. Furrie, W. Miller, and M. Bunch. "Barriers and Accommodations: Applying the Human Rights Model of Disability to HALS." Abilities Magazine, 53, 56-57.

2002 Rioux, M., E. Zubrow, A. Furrie, W. Miller, and M. Bunch. "On the Map: the Geography of Literacy and Disability." Abilities Magazine, 52, 17-18.

2001with Marcia Rioux. " Chapter 6. Social Disability and the Public Good" in The Market or the Public Domain: Global Governance and the Asymmetry of Power edited by Daniel Drache. Routledge, London pp.148-171

2000 with Jennifer Robinson. "Chance and the Human Population: Population Growth in the Mediterranean" in Reconstructing Past Demographic Trends in Mediterranean Europe edited by John Bintliff and Kostas Sbonias. Oxbow Press Oxford pp. 133-144

2000 with Jennifer Robinson. "Between Spaces: Interpolation in Archaeology" in Geographic Information Systems and Landscape Archaeology edited by Mark Gilling, David Mattingly, and Jim Van Dalen. Oxbow Press Oxford pp. 65-84.

2000 "The Border: Archaeology on the Finnish Russian Frontier" in Dig it all: Papers dedicated to Ari Siirianen. Edited Matti Huurre The Finnish Antiquarian Society, The Archaeological Society of Finland. Helsinki 1999 pp71-79.

1999 "Human-Environment interactions in South Florida's Everglades Region: Systems of Ecological degradation and restoration" by William Solecki, John Long, Christine Harwell, Victoria Meyers, Ezra Zubrow, Tom Ankersen, Christopher Deren, Camille Feanny, Richard Hamann, Lewis Horung, Celeste Murphy and George Snyder in Urban Ecosystems Vol 3. Number 3 -4 October-November 1999 pp 305-345.

1999 with Jack E. Smith. "The 1967 Excavations at Site 5MV1931, Morefield Canyon Mesa Verde National Park", Wright Paleohydrological Institute, pp 1-36.

1999 "Searching for northern culture and identity in space and time" by Milton Nunez, Timo Ylimanunu and Ezra Zubrow in Oulanka Reports 20: Archeological Studies in the Kuusamo Region. Editor Juha Viramo pp. 61-70.

1999 Archaeological Survey of the Finnish-Russian Border and the Oulanka River Valley by Ezra Zubrow, Milton Nunez, et. al.Oulanka Reports 20: Archeological Studies in the Kuusamo Region. Editor Juha Viramo pp. 5-60.

1999 with Marcia Rioux. "Disability, Marginalization, Empowerment, and GIS" in Empowerment, Marginalization and Public Participation GIS; Varienus Reports, pp. 89-91.

1998 with Patrick T. Daly. "Symbolic Behaviour: the Origin of a Spatial Perspective" in Cognition and Material Culture: the Archaeology of Symbolic Storage edited by Colin Renfrew and Chris Scarre McDonald Institute Monographs. McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge UK pp.157-174.

1994 The Ancient Mind: Elements of Cognitive Archaeology, ed. with C. Renfrew (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

1990 with K. Allen and S. Green. Interpreting Space: The Use of GIS in Archaeology. London: Taylor and Francic.

1976 Demographic Anthropology, Quantitative Approaches. Albuquerque, N.M.: University of New Mexico Press.

Recent Grants Submitted

2003 (PI) Proposal No: 0315303 Doctoral Dissertation Research: The Ritual Use of Checham Ha Cave, Belize: A Study of Changes in Ritual Practice Over Time Using GIS $12000

2002 (PI) Proposal No: 0314411 The Origins of Domesticity in the Late Upper Paleolithic: The Use of GIS Spatial Analysis at the French Magdalenian Site of Verberie $49,000.

2002 (PI) The Spatial Analysis of Stigma for People with Disabilities: A Multi-national Perspective on Health and Services with co-pi's. NIH RFA TW-03-001 Letter of Intent for Proposal $225,000.

2002 (PI) Analyzing the Demographic Causes and Consequences of the The Spatial Distribution of Populations with Disabilities Using Geographic Information Systems with co-pi's. NIH RFA HD-020- 021 Letter of Intent for Proposal $275.000.

Recent Grants Received

2002 Subcontract to Abilities Foundation Development of Grassroots Disability GIS for Web Based Access GIS with primary contract to Human Resources Development Canada Office of Disabilities. $15,000.

2002 (PI) A Planning Grant for an International Comparison of Disability and Human Rights with Ms. Nina Cascio, Dr. Don Pollock, Dr. Munroe Eagles, Dr. Jeffrey Higginbotham, Dr. Rosemary Lubinski, Dr. David Mark, Mr. Scott Branting, and Ms. Wendy Miller, $6500.

2003-2001 Geography of Canadian Literacy and Disability with Ray Cohen Canadian Abilities Foundationand Marcia Rioux York University $299,785.50 (Canadian).

2003-1998Co-Pi IGERT Grant $2,600,000.

Undergraduate Courses Offered

APY 104-ZUB | Great Sites and Lost Tribes: The Romantic Element in Archaeology
APY 441-ZUB | Anthropological Demography

Graduate Courses Offered

APY 541-ZUB | Anthropological Deomographics
APY 586-ZUB | Archaeology GIS

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