UB Archaeometry Research Graduate Group

Archaeometry is a growing interdisciplinary field concerned with problem solving in archaeological and bioanthropological research. Analytical instruments and methods from the disciplines of Botany, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Engineering and others contribute to the field.

The Archaeometry Research Graduate Group was established in 1986 as a response to the increased use of quantitative and scientific methods in archaeology. Its goal is to familiarize students with current archaeometric research and to help develop a network of professors and graduate students who share common interests and goals. The group is intended to foster collaboration among researchers and establish an international research community.

Participation in the group is not limited to archaeologists, but has also attracted students from other departments such as Classics, Geography, Economics, and Political Science. The premier activity of the Archaeometry Research Graduate Group is its annual conference held at th same time once every academic year. The conference has been enormously sucessful and has attracted scholars from around the world.

One measure of the success of the conference is that it continues to attract a core of international researchers who have attended virtually every meeting. Typically 20 to 30 papers are presented. Paper topics include theoretical discussions of promising scientific techniques, the presentation of progress reports of ongoing research projects, and critical evaluations of current archaeometric research. The Archaeometry Group sponsors an international conference each year with funding from the Canadian American Foundation, the Canadian government, the GSA, the Department of Anthropology, the SUNY archaeological survey, as well as the Graduate School of SUNY Buffalo. It usually results in 35-50 scholars giving papers and discussions who have ranged throughout North and South America and Europe.

Archaeometry Conference Information:

Pending funding, the Group supports a Graduate Assistantship line each year. Contact Professor Ezra Zubrow <zubrow@acsu.buffalo.edu> for details at the Department of Anthropology (716) 645-2414.