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Overview of Research Programs


The Case Studies Project (R1) and the Efficacy Studies Project (R4) address micro-level technology transfer issues of research centers and consumers. The Public Policy Project (R2) and Market Research Project (R3) address macro-level technology transfer issues of Federal technology transfer programs and entire industry segments. New knowledge gained at the micro- and macro- level can improve technology transfer theory and practice at both levels.

R1. "Identifying Innovative Technology Transfer Practices Through Case Studies" (Case Studies Project)
RERC programs, SBIR programs, the Federal Laboratory Consortium, public universities are all charged with transferring technology into the private sector. Analysis of the critical factors involved in successful transfers, will answer the question, "What practices work for specific technology transfer projects and why?"

R2. "Identifying Innovative Technology Transfer Policies through an Analysis of Federal Programs" (Federal Policy Project)
Federal legislation has created a range of public entities whose purpose is to facilitate the introduction of new and innovative technology into the marketplace. R2 will examine University Technology Transfer Offices, the Federal Laboratory Consortium, SBIR/STTR programs and other entities in terms of their effectiveness meeting the needs of persons with disabilities. This project will answer the question, "Which Federal technology transfer programs are effective and why?"

R3. "Facilitating A/T Industry Innovation Through Focused Market Research" (Market Research Program)
In the private sector, market research identifies unmet consumer needs, precedes product development, shapes product design, and reduces development costs. Unfortunately, "disability market research" is often fragmentary creating a barrier to innovation by assistive technology manufacturers. R3 will generate current information on the business environment of A/T industry sectors, identify technology opportunities and generally spur product development. This project will answer the question, "What is the impact of market research on product introduction?"

R4. "Assessing the Efficacy of Products Transferred Through the T2RERC" (Efficacy Studies Project)
The T2RERC has successfully transferred a range of products benefiting persons with disabilities. Under R4 laboratory and home trials will be conducted to assess how products transferred through T2RERC activities impact consumer's functional capabilities. Evidence-based efficacy trials will answer the question, "How do we know that products commercialized through a technology transfer process actually benefit end users?"

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