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Toys are the tools for play. They become favorites when your child successfully uses them in a variety of ways. Making sure this is possible is critical when selecting toys. Toys can be found in specialty catalogs or "off-the-shelf" in local stores.

There are specialized toys designed specifically for children with disabilities. Most of these toys are designed for children with significant disabilities and combine easy access with multi-sensory feedback. They are usually found in catalogs or websites. You may need a professional to help you locate them.

Most recently commercial toys include features that make them easier to use by more children than ever before. Features include volume controls, large, raised buttons, and intuitive design and encourage flexibility, creativity and usability in play. Look for toys with such features. The guides below will get you started.

Toys with universal design characteristics combine multiple features to offer flexible, adjustable, and accessible toys for more children to use. These toys benefit both children with and without disabilities by providing opportunities for all children to play together side-by-side.

More About Selecting Toys 

Universal Design for Play Toy Guide

This toy guide offers examples of commercial toys with Universal Design features to be used in and across various Play Stages.

Lekotek's Top 10 Tips
Here are the questions that the play experts at the National Lekotek Center ask when choosing developmentally appropriate toys for differently-abled kids.

Toys Designed for Children with Disabilities
A list of vendors of toys designed specifically for young children with disabilities.

Special Needs Section of Fisher Price Website
This site provides information on Fisher-Price toys that have been identified by the Let's Play staff as good picks for children with a variety of specific needs. It also provides tips for caregivers on using these toys!



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