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Play is what children do; it is how they grow and learn. The importance of play in a young child's life cannot be over-stated; it impacts all areas of development.

When children play, they...

  • play because they WANT to.

  • control what they play with and how they play.

  • decide when to play with a different toy or object.

  • choose when to start and when to stop.

  • are active and have FUN!

Emerging Play Stages

As children grow, play emerges in different ways and forms. All children generally follow the same developmental sequence. Knowing what play behaviors "come next" helps us to support the young player to grow and develop through play. More...

More About Play 

Let's Play Project: How We Play!
This guide describes various Play Stages and offers suggestions on what the child does, what the caregiver does, play materials and positioning options, and adaptations.

Let's Play Project: Getting Ready for Play Guidelines
These guidelines assist the adult play partner in getting readying for play with positioning and communication supports. Information on selecting and adapting toys as well as strategies to promote play are provided.




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